The Publisher Profile provides a comprehensive view of a developer’s app portfolio performance, allowing for robust competitive analysis. Specifically, it offers insights into: 

– The full breadth of titles under a publisher’s ownership in a market  

– Relative download, revenue and retention metrics for each app 

– Top performing apps driving the bulk of success  

– Opportunities for underperforming apps through benchmarks 

– Core category or genre strengths at the portfolio level 

Marketers can leverage these insights to: 

– Identify a competitor’s strategic priorities and focus areas  

– Benchmark overall monetization and longevity success rates 

– Anticipate potential future releases based on existing portfolio  

– Detect shifts that impact a competitor’s category stance over time 

– Evaluate risks from new market expansions pre-launch 

By analyzing Publisher Profiles regularly, marketers gain a multidimensional view of rivals’ strategies. This supports strategic calibration for sustainable leadership through data-backed initiatives.