The Sales Metrics page provides crucial insights into an app’s financial performance that marketers can use to optimize monetization strategies: 

– Daily/monthly revenue trends over time allow benchmarking and goal-setting. 

– Breakdowns by country/category help localize monetization tests accordingly.   

– Retention analyses identify friction points impacting Lifetime Value (LTV). 

– Benchmarking against competitors informs efforts to increase LTV over the long run.  

– Transaction data provides visibility into top-selling features/SKUs. 

– Analytics of promo performance and ROI assessment guide efficient spending. 

By continuously tracking Sales Metrics, marketers gain a clear picture of: 

– Highest potential monetization opportunities through country/category lenses 

– Effectiveness of new payment or monetization experiments   

– Which strategic refinements positively increase retention and LTV 

Armed with these actionable insights, strategic testing and optimization strengthen long-term financial flows by addressing the root causes of monetization success.