The Search by App feature allows you to view the keywords driving paid traffic for a competitor’s app. This provides insights into their paid user acquisition strategies on app stores. By monitoring changes in keyword performance metrics over time, you can benchmark and optimize your own campaigns against proven tactics of established competitors. Regular auditing also helps identify underutilized keywords or markets to target for new potential growth. 

Some additional ways the Search by App feature enables competitive keyword analysis include: 

– Detecting seasonal budget adjustments or keyword cycles that may point to new promotional opportunities.  

– Comparing global and regional variances in keyword priorities to inform localization strategies. 

– Tracking new additions or removal of keywords to time testing for maximum effectiveness. 

– Benchmarking match type and spending patterns against top performers to strengthen paid ranking. 

Leveraging continuous performance tracking of direct rivals empowers data-driven decisions that refine user acquisition. Over time, this helps strengthen organic growth by capitalizing on established players’ proven paid search approaches.