– Provides a ranked list of the highest performing creatives based on metrics like clicks, CTR, spend. 

– Allows filtering the leaderboard by category, country, network, advertiser/publisher for relevant benchmarks. 

– Shows metrics for individual creatives like impressions, clicks, CTR over time.   

– Media details like type, format, assets displayed are provided for inspection. 

Armed with these top creative analytics, marketers can: 

– Identify elements driving best response from target audiences. 

– Benchmark creative formats, styles and testing tendencies against successes. 

– Detect profitable genre/regional trends to capitalize on. 

– Prioritize highest potential creative concepts for development. 

– Fine-tune asset selection, sizing and placement testing strategies. 

By analyzing proven hit creatives, uncertainty is reduced in creative strategy planning. Confident campaigns result from data-driven best practice adoption.