– Provides ranked list of publishers by key metrics like revenue, downloads, engagement. 

– Filter by platform, category, country and date to focus on directly competitive developers.  

– Analyze portfolio size, diversification across categories/countries for benchmarking. 

– Identify each developer’s top apps by metric performance over timeframes. 

– Cross-inspect common high-performing elements across portfolios. 

– Detect relationships between metrics that correlate to their winning formulas. 

Armed with these leaderboards and competitive intelligence, marketers can: 

– Adapt proven category/country expansion tactics of industry giants. 

– Emulate multi-app strategies driving consistent revenue growth.  

– Prioritize similar app types and monetization approaches for testing. 

– Stay informed of competitors’ moves by tracking changes in portfolio rankings. 

– Continuously optimize own business through competitive analytical learnings. 

The insights provide a framework for strengthening multi-app strategies by understanding what drives the continued success of the most dominant app publishers.