App usage data refers to information collected about how users interact with a mobile application. This data is typically gathered through analytics tools integrated into the app, which track various metrics and events to provide insights into user behavior and engagement. 

App usage data can include 

  1. Number of app installs: The total number of times the app has been downloaded and installed by users. 
  2. Daily or Monthly Active Users (DAU/MAU): The number of unique users who actively engage with the app on a daily or monthly basis. 
  3. Session duration: The length of time users spend within the app during a single session. 
  4. Screen views: The number of times each screen or page within the app is viewed by users. 
  5. User retention: The percentage of users who continue to use the app over a specific period of time, indicating user loyalty. 
  6. User demographics: Information about the age, gender, location, or other characteristics of app users. 
  7. In-app purchases: Data related to the number and value of purchases made within the app, including subscriptions or one-time purchases. 
  8. User engagement: Metrics such as the number of interactions, actions, or events performed by users within the app. 
  9. Crash reports: Information about app crashes or errors encountered by users, helping developers identify and fix issues. 
  10. Conversion rates: The percentage of users who complete a specific action or goal within the app, such as signing up or making a purchase. 

App usage data is valuable for app developers and businesses as it provides insights into user behavior, preferences, and app performance. It helps identify areas for improvement, optimize user experience, and make informed decisions regarding feature updates, marketing strategies, or monetization efforts.