The Visibility Report provides a comprehensive view of an app’s searchability across key markets.  

It displays visibility data on an interactive world map view, allowing users to: 

– See at a glance which regions/countries the app ranks/indexes best. 

– Filter results down to specific keywords or platforms. 

– Drill into any country for ranking spot details. 

Comprehensive charts also showcase: 

– Global and country-level visibility trends over daily/weekly/monthly timeframes.  

– Historical visibility changes spotted on season-specific range selections.  

– Platform-specific visibility comparisons on Google Play, App Store, etc. 

This complete geospatial and historical perspective on an app’s cross-market discoverability equips marketers with invaluable insights. 

It pinpoints exactly where and when to focus localization/ASO efforts for amplification. Marketers identify regional fluctuation patterns to capitalize on or adjust for too. 

Armed with ranked keyword and visibility intelligence, optimization strategies can be targeted for maximum global impact.