– Automatically generate human-sounding voiceovers in over 15 languages with just a written script. 

– Select from multiple male and female voice options with regional accents to optimize localization.  

– Preview voiceovers to ensure quality and make tweaks directly through the editor.   

– Integrate generated audio clips directly into video, image or static ads for campaign creation. 

– Take an existing app listing or script as input to mass produce localized variants fast. 

– Leverage translated metadata and creatives already designed without additional costs. 

– Continuously test new languages, refine scripts informed by performance data. 

– Streamline ongoing ad updates, localization and A/B testing processes significantly. 

By empowering rapid multilingual ad production, marketers can confidently expand into new regions and life-cycle campaigns more frequently through automated localized variances. The ROI of global reach can be maximized while optimizing budget and resource allocation.