How Entain achieved a 49% CPA decrease in 3 months with Smart Bidding and ASO solutions

The Result

spike in First-time Deposits


surge in impressions


decrease in CPA

Entain is a global leader in sports betting and gaming, with a dynamic global presence with 30+ leading brands. The company operates across diverse online gaming segments like sports betting, casino, poker, and bingo. Eszter Fedor, Senior PPC Executive and Damien Debluts, PPC Executive, are part of the Gibraltarian PPC team for Foxy Bingo, a brand under Entain. They have been dedicated to driving user acquisition and growth through Apple Search Ads campaigns.

The Challenge: Limited optimization options and lack of data

Before incorporating into their strategy, Entain relied on the native Apple Search Ads platform. While the native Apple Search Ads platform provided a valuable gateway to reaching Apple users, Entain’s marketing team sought to go beyond the conventional capabilities of advertising platforms. The team looked for a solution that could enable an automated TCPA (Target Cost Per Acquisition) bidding strategy and access to market research within one platform. Damien noted, “With only manual bidding at our disposal, optimizing our campaigns to achieve the desired results became a complex task in an industry where change occurs frequently and at a rapid pace.”

The goal was to elevate their campaign automation and optimization process to a more advanced level and analyze campaign performance with more granularity for Foxy Bingo.

The Solution: Advanced ASO and Apple Search Ads solutions and services

Achieving a balance between the organic and paid platforms is essential to be able to reap the rewards of the Apple Search Ads and ASO flywheel. To enable the paid and organic synergy for the Entain team, MobileAction’s Customer Success team offered expert assistance. In bi-weekly meetings, the team shared their know-how on best practices, winning tactics for Apple Search Ads, and technical support for getting the most out of the platform.

To perform a versatile mobile marketing optimization strategy, Entain integrated both MobileAction’s ASO solutions and campaign management platform into their routine.
MobileAction’s ASO tools — such as ASO Report and Keyword Optimization — were used to improve organic visibility. These tools aided Entain in identifying relevant keywords, analyzing competitors, and refining app store elements for better performance.
Simultaneously, Smart Bidding’s one-of-a-kind cost-per-goal optimization strategy was utilized to increase the performance of their Brand campaign.

Eszter Fedor
Senior PPC Executive

“Given the remarkable results and our direct experience, we genuinely endorse both products. They brought a significant improvement in our performances and sparked a shift in our strategy. What makes it even more special is the continuous support we have received, making the entire experience even more worthwhile. Looking forward, the platform’s role in user acquisition and performance tracking will be key in optimizing our strategies for sustained growth. The positive collaboration with MobileAction’s team further reinforces its significance as a strategic partner in our ongoing success.”

The Result: A 49% decrease in CPA and an 83% spike in First-time Deposits

The implementation of the TCPA bidding strategy through marked a turning point for Entain’s Apple Brand campaign. The AI-powered Smart Bidding tool enabled Entain to increase their First-time Deposit by optimizing bids according to the analysis of search term performance, conversion data, bid levels, and competition metrics. Additionally, Smart Bidding enabled Entain to save time on campaign management by automating the process and letting them get complex manual work done with just a few clicks.

The results within 3 months were impressive:

  • 19% increase in ad spend
  • 30% surge in impressions
  • 18% rise in taps
  • 17% growth in installs
  • 83% spike in First-time Deposits (FTD)
  • 49% decrease in Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

These results highlight the power of AI-powered Smart Bidding and the synergistic use of MobileAction and platforms.

Emphasizing the relationship with MobileAction’s team, Eszter said, “The team’s proactive stance in the bi-weekly sessions ensured the swift identification and resolution of potential issues. In essence, the team’s collaborative and supportive atmosphere played a crucial role in achieving the positive outcomes of our joint efforts.”

Through expertise and cutting-edge tools, Entain has not only overcome initial challenges but also set a new standard for game marketing.

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