How Grafikwerket Increased Downloads by 1800% with MobileAction

The Result

Increase in downloads


Increase in download rates


New localized markets

Company Background

Grafikwerket is a venture design studio that creates brand identities, products, and growth marketing for fast-growing companies such as Google, GV, and Airbnb. The studio was founded by David Prentell, Viktor Persson, and Jacob Säwensten with the goal of helping entrepreneurs and teams grow the markets for their apps faster and more efficiently.

The User Acquisition Challenge

Grafikwerket has worked with some of the big clients as well as many indie developers. When the creator of StoryShots, an app that offers short book summaries of some of the most popular books came to Grafikwerket to increase awareness, the app had only a handful of downloads with a lot of room for growth. What made the task more challenging is that the founder didn’t have any marketing budget. Knowing that ASO is the most cost-efficient way to acquire users in the long term, Grafikwerket needed to prove themselves and make their client happy.

The Strategy

As David Prentell, the Growth Partner at Grafikwerket says ”ASO isn’t something you implement once and then you’re done. It’s an iterative process of making an app more discoverable in more markets over time resulting in an increase in downloads.”.

Working together with the founder over a series of growth hacking sessions, they tried to increase the visibility in the App Store and Play Store (Android).

Grafikwerket knew that raising an app’s visibility score from 0 to 100 would require a systematic approach to optimize and optimize again until they achieved that level of visibility. To take an app to the top, they needed to go under the hood and filter out the data from the App Store search in the app store consoles. Here they could extract app icon impressions, store visitors, downloads, conversion rates between impressions/downloads, store visitors/downloads.

They used MobileAction as a complementary tool for doing keyword analysis and extracting rating metrics. ASO Intelligence of MobileAction was the key to understanding exactly which keywords drove the downloads in each market coming from the App Store search.

David Prentell
Growth Partner

“Using MobileAction, we helped one of Europe’s largest fintechs grow their app downloads by 1800% in just 9 months and search rank above the fold on more than a thousand keywords.”

The Result

The result was a thriving install base of tens of thousands of users in just a couple of months.

They helped the founder with keyword and title optimization to rank higher with relevant keyword searches, as well as app localization in 30 new markets. In 6 of the new markets, they achieved Top 100 rankings in the book category after just 2 months.

Today the StoryShots app receives hundreds of 5-star ratings and thousands of downloads every month because of their effective ASO strategy and MobileAction’s superior keyword tools. The structured iteration process and the insights they extracted out of MobileAction were crucial in bringing those results.

Using MobileAction’s ASO Intelligence, they have also helped one of Europe’s largest fintechs grow their app downloads by 1800% in just 9 months and rank above the fold on more than a thousand keywords search results.

They have also managed to increase the download rate of one of the world’s largest car maker configurator apps by 400x implementing only 4 iterations thanks to the accurate keyword data in MobileAction.

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