How Huuuge Games saves millions of dollars with ASO Intelligence

The Result

increase in organic installs

Facing the challenge of standing out in the competitive casino gaming app market, Huuuge Games, under the leadership of founder Anton Gauffin, turned to App Store Optimization (ASO) as their growth strategy. Anton, whose passion for gaming ignited at the age of six, envisioned creating a gaming company that could make a significant impact. Huuuge Games, rooted in Finland, Poland, and Silicon Valley, emerged as a formidable player in the social casino gaming industry. Despite the industry’s tendency towards heavy marketing spend for positive ROI, Huuuge Games sought to differentiate itself through an organic growth approach.

The challenge

Despite the potential for high returns, the challenge of being discovered by the target audience across different geographic regions was daunting for Huuuge Games. “The top challenge was visibility. We were struggling to reach our audience,” Anton stated. The competitive nature of the app stores meant that traditional advertising strategies were not enough. Huuuge Games needed a breakthrough to achieve visibility and engagement on a global scale.

The solution

The breakthrough came when Huuuge Games decided to invest in ASO Intelligence with MobileAction. This strategic pivot allowed them to optimize and test their distribution assets, including icons, banners, screens, trailers, and descriptions. “After the first two months of poor results, we finally saw a significant uptick in our numbers. It was clear that our investment in ASO was money well spent,” Anton recalled. By harnessing data on keyword ranks, keyword strengths, and competition changes and creating assets with this information in mind, Huuuge Games was able to refine its approach and significantly increase its app’s visibility on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Anton Gauffin

“We’ve made huuuge progress with it over the course of the last year with the help of MobileAction. Thanks to the information provided by MobileAction, we were able to increase organic installs across our wide casino games portfolio by 120% in just under the first nine months of using it. This literally saved us millions of USD in user acquisition budget.”

The result

The results were nothing short of remarkable. With the insights provided by MobileAction, Huuuge Games increased organic installs across their casino games portfolio by 120% in just the first nine months of use. “This success literally saved us millions of dollars in user acquisition budget,” Anton said. More than just financial savings, the strategic use of ASO took Huuuge Games’ flagship game, Huuuge Casino, to new heights, positioning it as a leader in the global social casino market.

The success of Huuuge Games proves the power of ASO Intelligence as a pivotal tool for growth in the app market. By focusing on optimization and leveraging the right tools, Huuuge Games not only saved millions but also achieved its vision of changing how gamers play mobile social casino games. The future looks bright for Huuuge Games, with ambitions to provide the best mobile casino experience and become the #1 global social casino.

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