Game On: How MobileAction Transformed Leke Games' App

Leke Games, a leading name in the gaming industry, is celebrated for its commitment to creating immersive gaming experiences. Melih Yurduseven, Growth Manager at Leke Games, shares how MobileAction helped them transform their ASO with MobileAction ASO Intelligence.

The Challenge: Navigating the Competitive Landscape of ASO and Market Research

“Gaming is a highly competitive industry and ensuring our titles stand out is always a significant challenge,” says Melih. “Optimizing game visibility and gaining insights into market trends while keeping a competitive edge has always been a hard obstacle to overcome.”
Before discovering MobileAction, Leke Games relied on manual processes and a mix of tools for ASO and market research. However, this approach was time consuming and lacked the precision required to truly elevate our titles in the app stores. Things took a bright turn when they started utilizing MobileAction’s product for app store optimization intelligence.

The Solution: Comprehensive ASO Intelligence with MobileAction

Among the myriad of app store optimization solutions considered, MobileAction emerged as the clear choice. “What truly captivated us about MobileAction was its holistic approach to ASO,” Melih reflects. “Beyond just data, it offered actionable insights. The platform’s ability to provide granular data in real-time, coupled with features that allowed us to closely monitor competitors like ASO Report, Keyword Gap, Creative Asset Hub, and Keyword Position Map gave the team an edge like never before. It wasn’t just about having information; it was about having the right information at the right time, and MobileAction delivered on that promise.”
They utilized an array of features that helped them track, forecast, and optimize their keyword strategy. MobileAction’s “Metadata Forecasting” tool provided predictive insights, enabling Leke Games to test and find the best keywords for their apps’ metadata. The “Keyword Tracking” feature ensured they remained updated on performance of followed keywords, while “App Update Timeline” offered a chronological view of app updates, helping them correlate changes with performance metrics. Together, these tools streamlined Leke Games’ approach to ASO, making it more data-driven and results-oriented.

Melih Yurduseven
Growth Manager

“I’d recommend MobileAction to any gaming studio or app developer. Their suite of tools, data accuracy, and customer support have been instrumental in our success. As we look to the future, we envision MobileAction being central to our ASO strategies.”

The Result: Optimized Marketing Strategy and Enhanced Game Visibility

MobileAction has been a cornerstone in refining Leke Games’ mobile marketing approach. “From optimizing ad spend for Apple Search Ads and Google campaigns to enhancing keyword rankings, MobileAction’s insights have been pivotal. Our ROI has improved, and our games have gained greater visibility in app stores,” Melih shares.
“The MobileAction team has been more than just a solution provider; they’ve been partners in our growth journey, offering unmatched support and ensuring we maximize the platform’s potential,” Melih adds.
With MobileAction, Leke Games has not only optimized its current mobile marketing processes but also set the stage for future successes, ensuring their games continue to resonate with players worldwide.

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