Narcade Triples Its Ad Creative Performance with MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence

The Result

Increase in the Ad Creative Performance


Less cost

Company Background

Narcade is an Istanbul based mobile gaming company founded in 2011. Currently publishing engaging mobile titles all around the world, Narcade is also producing its own games, following the trends and the new technologies to adapt to the fast-changing environment of the gaming industry. Narcade believes that knowledge is the key to success and is always open to sharing its knowledge with the developers who are developing games with passion.

Narcade successfully published titles such as Farm Bubbles, Slidey, Ignis, and Zipline Valley which brought a worldwide success and is a valued client of MobileAction since 2017.

The Challenge of Following the Latest Ad Trends

For User Acquisition, one needs to reach a competitive eCPM in the market. And that’s only possible when a UA manager increases the CPI or is able to design a successful creative.

According to Narcade, the most profitable UA strategy depends on a good creative that engages the target audience and gets them to click and download. Only when the creative is successful, one can acquire more users with a low CPA.

To achieve this, Narcade needed to follow the creative trends and popular designs with high impression scores closely. Without a comprehensive tool, it was quite difficult for them to analyze which type of ad creatives are more successful in which countries. They were especially facing challenges in creating localized ads for countries such as Japan and China.

The Strategy with MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence

Ad Intelligence product of MobileAction enabled them to watch the ad creative trends in the market. They were able to quickly analyze the changing creative ideas and develop their own creatives in line with the most popular ones.

Moreover, they could filter the most popular creatives based on countries and ad networks. This feature was especially useful in localizing the creatives for different countries. Apart from these, Narcade used Ad Intelligence to see the countries that similar games are running ads in, and this further enabled them to improve their user acquisition strategy to target those countries.

Nebile İşler
Digital Mobile Marketing Director

“As Narcade, we’re publishing the games of individual developers along with our own. So, we need to produce ad creatives in various concepts that we have never tried before. Thanks to MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence, we’re able to easily analyze the creatives of games in similar concepts and design the best-performing ones.”

The Results: 

Before MobileAction, designing a successful creative required many iterations and took too much time for Narcade. But, since they started using Ad Intelligence, they’ve been expending less effort while getting better results in finding the best creatives. They were able to quickly detect the poorly performing creative assets among many alternatives of similar games and focused on only the successful designs. This way, they were able to save time in preparing their ad creatives, and their campaigns have become more sustainable and profitable.

Thanks to ideas they got from MobileAction’s dashboard, they managed to run campaigns with 20% less cost and with high performance for 6 months on an ad network which they could normally run a campaign at the same performance for only 2 months.

It is very crucial in the gaming industry to constantly add new creatives to keep the performance at a high level. Before MobileAction, they were doing 10 iterations to create one successful video creative. With the effective use of MobileAction, they were able to reduce the number of iterations to 5, which means that the creative team was able to double the operational efficiency compared to before.

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