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Bilyoner secures top 3 in the Sports category with MobileAction and Opportune partnership

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The Result

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in the Sports category

Opportune is a global consumer marketing and technologies company offering growth consultancy, advanced analytics, digital marketing and technology services. One of their clients is Bilyoner, a renowned betting and gaming company in Türkiye. Under the guidance of Zehra Türksoy, SEO & ASO Team Lead at Opportune, to boost Bilyoner’s organic visibility in a competitive market, the company initiated a strategic partnership with MobileAction.

The Challenge: Overcoming market saturation

The Opportune team has been working on developing a strategy focused on improving organic visibility performance. The primary challenge faced was to secure the top organic ranking on the App Store and Google Play Store. Achieving high organic visibility in a competitive category in both of the stores required a thorough strategy. Zehra expressed the challenge: “Our goal was to surpass our competitors and achieve the top organic ranking. We started testing our optimization models for both the Google Play Store and the App Store, realizing the steep climb ahead of us.” This mission kicked off their strategy for enhancing their app presence and beating the competition.

The Solution: MobileAction’s products for organic market dominance

MobileAction emerged as the game-changer for Opportune and Bilyoner. Providing tools for detailed market research and competitor analysis, MobileAction equipped the team with what is needed to strengthen their store presence. Zehra highlighted the role of MobileAction, “The ongoing addition of new features has made it easier for us to strengthen our approach and actions. We are very pleased with the support we received.”

One of the standout features of MobileAction was “Search By Competitor”. It allowed the team to identify common and unique keywords with competitors and optimize their metadata to get a share of competitor’s keywords. After making optimizations, they compared their progress with competitors and tracked the growth rate and improvement in visibility step by step. The version history of the App Update Timeline tool enabled them to measure the frequency of actions taken. It also helped them determine when they should release updates and assess the performance after each update.

Zehra Türksoy
SEO & ASO Team Lead

“Since starting our journey with MobileAction last year, the change in our app’s visibility and performance has been extraordinary. Thanks to the constantly incoming new features, it has become easier for us to strengthen our strategies, and we are very pleased with the support we have received. 84% improvement in our session numbers and 78% increase in install rates, alongside our climb in the sports category rankings, display the value of this partnership.”

The Result: Strategic ASO drives Bilyoner into the top 3 Sports apps

This strategic use of competitor data and tracking of the progress of organic strategies marked a turning point in the ASO efforts. Opportune and Bilyoner witnessed an 84% increase in session numbers and a 78% increase in install numbers over six months. This growth took Bilyoner from 6th to 3rd place in the Sports category in Türkiye within just three months, achieving a top 10 ranking for all high search volume keywords. The number of keywords Bilyoner ranked for increased by over 300 in the same period.

Reflecting on the project’s success, Zehra shared, “Throughout the project we conducted together, the account management and customer success teams at MobileAction provided us with significant support. When Opportune, Bilyoner, and MobileAction teams came together, we were able to achieve our desired outcomes.”

“We truly believe that MobileAction has contributed to our success in achieving our goals in the app market, and we recommend it to anyone looking for incremental app growth,” said Zehra. With ambitious targets for the future, Opportune aims to take Bilyoner to the #1 position in both Türkiye’s and global live betting and gaming markets. The partnership with MobileAction is seen as crucial to achieving these goals with the existing and upcoming products and support.

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