Sesh Fitness experienced a CPA decrease of 75% while doubling its ROAS with

The result

increase in ROAS


decrease in CPA

Sesh Fitness is a Health & Fitness app for women specializing in training, nutrition, accountability, and community. They faced challenges in scaling their Apple Search Ads campaigns and optimizing their campaign metrics. Jeremy Gaines, Customer Experience Manager at Sesh Fitness, shared their journey of scaling their app and optimizing their budget using’s Automations after forming a strategic partnership with MobileAction.

The challenge

Prior to partnering with MobileAction, Sesh Fitness faced challenges with Apple Search Ads campaign management. The process was predominantly manual, time-consuming, and left little room for strategic planning. Jeremy described this situation as, “In this industry, we need to act quickly to optimize campaigns because the market changes rapidly. However, there are numerous metrics to consider before taking action. Given the intense competition, keeping our campaigns optimized was challenging.” With a lot of metrics to consider and numerous campaigns to analyze and adjust, the process was difficult and error-prone. The control over ad spend was insufficient, making it hard to achieve a satisfactory return and the costs were too steep for effective campaign management.

The solution

The partnership with MobileAction and the integration of’s Automations tool marked a turning point for Sesh Fitness. They managed to reduce the time spent on manual campaign management by automating the entire process. “After starting to use the automations, we found time for strategizing since the time-consuming manual process is no longer a concern,” said Jeremy. Automations enabled their campaigns to adapt dynamically to market changes, significantly improving processes and reducing the need for constant manual oversight. Thanks to automation templates on, the Sesh Fitness team was able to automatically pause underperforming keywords to focus spending on effective ones, thereby safeguarding the budget without lifting a finger. The marketing team increased bids on successful keywords to ensure maximum return and controlled ad spend to prevent budget overruns due to unforeseen market activities, such as bid wars on brand keywords. This approach increased their ROAS while decreasing the CPA.

Jeremy Gaines
Acquisition Manager

Before we began our journey with, our approach to managing Apple Search Ads campaigns was basic and limited, making it difficult to scale and optimize our campaigns. After partnering with MobileAction, we successfully doubled our ROAS and decreased our CPA by approximately 75%, thanks to their automation templates and the expertise of their dedicated client team. We recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their app’s position.

The result

The results of integrating’s Automations were transformative for Sesh Fitness. Within the span from May 2023 to February 2024, the CPA saw an impressive decrease from the $20 range to $5 level and a decrease of 75%. This marked an improvement in the efficiency of their ad spend. Furthermore, the ROAS experienced consistent month-over-month improvements, soaring to over 100% by December 2023. Jeremy stated that they are at a totally new level now. Such significant enhancements in campaign performance highlighted the effectiveness of’s Automations, heralding a new era of app growth for Sesh Fitness.

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