We are happy to announce that MobileAction has now surpassed over 5 million+ creatives in our Ad Intelligence database! We track over 50k+ Ad Publishers and 73k+ App Advertisers on our platform and adding approximately 500k+ new creatives every month. As a relatively young company, we are growing fast and dynamic with new solutions. With each passing day, our team tries its best to come out with precise and actionable data for our users, helping them grow their apps.

As our CEO Aykut Karalioglu has always said:
“We are not building a product, we are solving our partners’ problem”

So, for us, data is of utmost importance and the core of our work. We are proud to say that in the competitive world of in-app ad intelligence solutions, we provide the most accurate ad data for you to grow your app business with the best strategies. 

Our all-in-one platform provides publishers and developers with precise data. To get ahead of competitors dive into the world of ad intelligence and discover millions of creatives top apps are using in their in-ad campaigns. We cover all the different ad types, from videos to playable ads. Simply search for a publisher or app and see everything about their creatives;

  • their videos, 
  • images, 
  • playable ads, 
  • titles, 
  • and strong call-to-action texts 

Our Ad Intelligence tool allows users to study UA strategies of competitors. And even create a creative collection with competitors’ ads to track their performance, which is an effective way to get ideas for your own campaigns. Out of 5 million+ creatives, you can;

  • analyze each one’s launch date, 
  • see their run time, 
  • and creative types easily.

Learn from your competitors’ mistakes and accomplishments and dive in to understand which creatives did better and which ones didn’t to set your path for tremendous growth. With MobileAction you have the entire app ecosystem under your hands to gain a competitive advantage. 

It doesn’t matter which platform are you working on; MobileAction database handles more than 3.2+ million Android and 1.8+ million iOS creative counts, related with more than 50k+ publishers and more than 70k+ advertisers; searchable, analyzable, and of course usable for all app developers… Schedule a demo & sign up to get first-class data and achieve worldwide success.