The ultimate goal of an app developer is to generate revenue with your app.

After releasing your app, embracing your app can take some time for your potential users. You have to be patient at this phase and constantly monitor the marketplace and competition to make necessary improvements. In order to boost app downloads, your app’s visibility plays a key role.

In this blog, we will briefly introduce how to take your downloads to a new level by mastering visibility. You will realize that visibility is one of the cornerstones of having a high conversion rate with your app.

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Downloads vs Visibility

There is a clear correlation between the download rates and the visibility of an app. A high visibility will lead to more downloads and vice versa.

In our dashboard, it is possible to see the visibility score of an app under App Profile as Visibility Score.

This score simply indicates how visible your app is on the market. It scales from F to A+, F being the lowest score and while A+ being the highest possible score.

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At the early stages of your app’s journey, the potential users in app stores will have little knowledge about your app. In order to boost app downloads to the desired level, the first step you should take is to improve your visibility.

When your app is more visible, the increasing traffic will transform into downloads. In the long-run, high download numbers will help your app to remain visible higher up the category rankings (having a high visibility score).

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3 Important Steps to Maximum Downloads

As mentioned earlier, visibility is the key for higher downloads. Now, we will focus on the overall process of getting the most out of your app’s potential when it comes to boosting visibility and downloads in a step-by-step approach.

  • Value Proposition You can try to make your app relevant in app stores by constant App Store Optimization (ASO) efforts. Still, without connecting with your potential users with a clear value proposition, your attempts would be short-lived at best. As a first step, you must have an offering which acts as a painkiller or gain creator for your users.
  • App Store Optimization (ASO) The next and possibly the most important step is investing in ASO. Even though you have an incredible app which has the potential to be a “category killer”, you should support your app with a well-defined ASO strategy for the sake of higher visibility and downloads.
  • Paid User Acquisition On the long-run, the organic and inorganic downloads of your app will work cohesively to maximize your downloads. Research indicates that a paid user acquisition campaign has the potential to boost your organic downloads up t0 17x by improving your visibility. In other words, a paid ad campaign feeds your downloads by providing enhanced visibility.

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Boost App Downloads: The Essential Checklist

On the way to skyrocketing your downloads, it can also be challenging to remain visible beside improving it in the first place.

  • App Store Optimization (ASO) Update your keywords regularly (weekly or monthly), check your App Store’s page-views-to-downloads conversion rate, and work on improving it with constant monitoring, testing, and iteration sessions.
  • Good Reviews & Ratings Try to collect all 4 or 5-star Check the language of your reviews to see patterns of what your users like or dislike and make changes accordingly. Also, note that getting negative reviews and ratings are also valuable insights to improve your app.
  • High Category Rankings If your app is not visible in the higher-ends of category rankings, it would be difficult to get app downloads. In order to choose the right category and subcategory for your app, check their relevancy, competition and potential revenue.
  • Localization Decide which markets are going to to be the most profitable for you to enter and capture them by checking your international conversion rate.
  • Paid User Acquisition Run additionally paid ad campaigns based on the valuable insights from ASO about the marketplace and competition to further boost app downloads and visibility.

3 Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Improving your downloads is a shaky road and it is possible to make certain mistakes. We believe that it also worths mentioning some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them for your own good.

  • Lack of ASO Some app developers forget about the importance of ASO for a long-term and stable success. As mentioned earlier, ASO can actıally make a huge difference in your app’s visibility.
  • Performance Issues Another important thing for an app’s visibility is consistency when it comes to glitches, bugs & crashes. If your app is constantly crashing, this will inevitably hinder the satisfaction of your leading to a lower visibility score. Based on ASO, constantly monitor your user reviews and make improvements regarding the performance of your app.
  • Lack of Industry Knowledge Sometimes developers don’t have enough knowledge of the mobile market and the specific standards for the category they are being ranked. In today’s highly competitive and turbulent marketplace, making a good app just isn’t enough anymore. Make sure to stay educated.

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The Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to boost app downloads. As you can see, visibility is the key to have higher downloads and vice versa. You can use Mobile Action to get quick and accurate insights with its Keyword Intelligence feature. Note that you can get assistance for a higher visibility score by trying various keywords depending on the competition and the marketplace.

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Now that you know the important dynamic between visibility and app downloads, go ahead and start maximizing your app’s true potential.

Hope this blog post was helpful to you. Remember to share it for fellow publishers who might be interested in these tips. Stay tuned for more insights.


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