It’s hard to know which keywords to prioritize to improve your app’s visibility in the app stores. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of MobileAction’s AI Keyword Generator — and that a free version of the tool is now available to everyone! MobileAction’s expertise in ASO, combined with the power of AI, is an unbeatable combination that can help you discover which keywords you need to target to boost your downloads. Our advanced technology analyzes your app to instantly generate a list of high-traffic and relevant keywords, saving you valuable time and money on research.

ai keyword generator
Prioritize keywords with higher scores for Search, Revelvancy, and Chance to improve your own app’s rankings in the app stores.

Next Steps for Upleveling Your Marketing Strategy

ai keyword generator

MobileAction provides comprehensive app store marketing intelligence and seamless AI-powered Apple Search Ads campaign management. Backed by our vast dataset of 5+ million tracked keywords and a library of 70+ million ad creatives from 50+ ad networks, our solutions help you drive more downloads effectively. Maximize your app’s success and make data-driven decisions with the MobileAction platform.

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