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Top 10 Mobile Games in US August 2021

top 10 mobile games

Mobile gaming apps are probably the most loved ones by both developers and users. As a result of this love, the number of gaming apps increases every single day in both app stores. And of course, this increase also brings some changes to our list of Top 10 mobile games. 

As you can see, neither in Apple App Store nor Google Play Store, games preserved their places, which shows how dynamic the app store is. That is why following the trends is important to succeed in this environment.

In July, Fidget Trading by Magiclab was dominating both app stores however, for August, we are facing quite a different list of Top 10 Mobile Games.

We see that Talking Angela continues to rise in the Google Play Store but in the overall list, they seem to lost their second place to Marvel Future Revolution. 

Let’s see what the apps that captured the top ranks did to achieve this success in Top. In this way, we can implement these to our own mobile user acquisition strategies. 

Arrow Fest

Arrow Fest by Rollic Games is the overall winner of this month’s Top 10 Mobile Games list. Their App Store Optimization and marketing efforts of course are the main factors in this accomplishment. Let’s begin with analyzing their app profile. 

As our mobile App Intelligence tool shows, they have a visibility score of 76 and striving for the top ranks since their launch. 

As you can see, they have come a long way in such a short time and are hovering around the Top 10 for a while. But how does app store optimization play a role in this success? Let’s see. 

top 10 mobile games
Historical Visibility Chart of Arrow Fest

The graphic seems familiar, right? The climbs are perfectly matched with the ones in the graphic above. Because this visibility report is connected to your category rankings. Meaning that the download volumes will directly impact how visible you are in the App Stores.

But how they managed to increase their visibility is the real question. 

As you can see above, they are getting almost 50% of their organic download from their brand keyword.

If you have been following our Search Ads Strategies series, you might recall us mentioning that people will search for an app either using brand keywords or a generic keyword.

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that they will be likely to download the first app that appears at the top of the search results. Good ratings and reviews play a role in this process, for sure.

However, users will most likely stick to the first page of the search results. Meaning that good ratings and reviews won’t do you much good if your app appears on the fifth page. 

Therefore, let’s make sure that your app meets users at the top. With our Keyword Intelligence tool, you can track the sources of your organic downloads to fine-tune your ASO strategy. 

Now let’s take a look at their paid user acquisition strategies. 

Campaign Analysis of Arrow Fest 

Arrow Fest is working with 2655 Ad publishers and ran 831 creatives in the last month. 261 of them are still active. In addition to this, their mobile ad creatives are focused on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. 

As you can see above, 76% of their creatives are running on these platforms, which makes sense especially if you think the number of people is scrolling on these platforms all day long. However, the platforms that will work best for your app might change based on the genre of your app. That is why app competitor analysis is an important aspect of app marketing. 

With our Mobile Ad Intelligence tools, you can test the pulse of the market and react accordingly. For instance, let’s assume that you have a similar app to Arrow Fest. Wouldn’t you have wanted to see which platforms they are running ads on or what kind of ads they are running? Or would you rather compete blindfolded? 

For instance, Arrow Fest is running ads in more than 10 languages. If you are targeting the same regions with Arrow Fest and don’t do localization, it will be very hard to compete for users in these regions?

On one side, there is an app that communicates to users in their local languages, and on the other side, there is you, trying to convince users to download your app in a language they don’t understand. 

As you can see, when they advertise in Turkey, they describe it in Turkish. They apply this simple trick to almost every single country they advertise in. 

In this way, you too can build campaigns that truly reach out to local audiences. And as a result, you can increase your downloads as well as your tap-through rates.  

Now, let’s analyze a juggernaut: Roblox. 


Roblox welcomes us at fifth place on August’s Top 10 mobile games list.

As you can see Roblox is ranking for 2691 keywords and in 329 of them, it gets the number one spot. Since they get ranked high in keywords with high search scores, they are getting a visibility score of 92. 

For instance, assume that you are searching for a game and you don’t have a specific gaming app in mind. Hence, you are typing keywords such as “game”, “ free games” or “online games” into the search bar. Well, let’s see the results. 

Roblox welcomes you in the top 10 for all these keywords. For the “game” keyword, it is leaving 621,447 apps behind and ranking first. That is quite a success, don’t you think? 

As you can see above, these keywords all have high search scores. Since these are probably the first keywords that come to mind when searching for a game. Now, let me show you why we call Roblox a Juggernaut.

top 10 mobile games
Search Score of Roblox

If people are typing your name into the search bar so often that your brand name has a search score of 88, it is safe to call you a juggernaut.

Now, let’s take a look at their video preview before we analyze their Apple Search Ads strategies.

We can tell that Roblox spends quite a time on this, can’t we? Because they are well aware of the fact that their creatives matter. Ranking high does not guarantee the download. You still have to convince users. And your creatives are your best gunslingers. Make sure to use them in the best way you can. 

 Apple Search Ads Strategies of Roblox

Roblox is bidding on almost 4k keywords in the US and running Apple Search Ads in 3 countries. These are good numbers but it gets even better when you look under the bonnet. 

When we filter the search in our Search Ads Intelligence tool, we see that 1047 of the total keywords have a popularity score of 20 or more. Meaning that Roblox optimizes its keywords by bidding mostly on popular keywords. Now, let’s see which kind of keywords these are.

top 10 mobile games
Brand Keywords of Competitors

Is there a better time to entice away from the potential users of your competitors than at the last minute?

These users are ready to download an app. They even have a specific app in mind but what do you think will happen when they see the Roblox before that app? No harm in checking out the app that appears at the top, right? And you have already seen their pretty convincing video preview. It would not be wrong to assume that they might steal a few users from their competitors.

But what about their own brand keyword?

top 10 mobile games
Brand Keywords of Roblox

As seen above, they are also defending their own brand keywords ably. 

top 10 mobile games
Long-tail Keywords

You didn’t think of a juggernaut that did not benefit from long-tail keywords, did you? As the search gets more specific, the intention of the users gets stronger and stronger. So you should appear on these long-tail keywords searches to bring these users to your product page.

top 10 mobile games
Search Ads Recommended Keywords

You can use our Keyword Research Tool to find long-tail keywords, see their popularity scores, and optimize your Apple Search Ads campaigns.

Making it into the Top 10 mobile games is not a one-man job but together we can accomplish a lot more. Schedule a demo now and let’s start going forward.  

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