“We are using MobileAction for more than four years now, and on the first 6 months of usage we have doubled our organic installs.”

Pedro Nunes – Marketing Director at AppGeneration

App Store Optimization can be a challenging path for many app publishers. Yet, an effective strategy implemented with the help of great ASO tools can do wonders and AppGeneration’s case is a great example of that.

As one of our first partners, AppGeneration is one of those outstanding companies that achieved excellent results in ASO. Since we were so curious about their story, we had an interview with Pedro Nunes, Marketing Director at AppGeneration.

Want to start doing ASO, but don’t know where to start? Wish to know the use cases of the features in ASO Intelligence product? You’re in the right place! Read on to see how AppGeneration has been increasing its apps’ visibility and organic downloads with the help of MobileAction.

Could you please tell us about AppGeneration and how the company got started?

my tuner radio app generation

AppGeneration has started its business in 2010 and the name says it all – we wanted to create/generate apps and launch them in the AppStore and Google Play Store. Besides some B2B clients, we started developing a few games of our own but the competition was already really hard in the games industry. Then, in 2012, myTuner Radio was launched with a very interesting user adoption, and we knew that it needed all our marketing efforts in order to be a success.

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What are some of the greatest challenges you have faced in app marketing so far?

Mobile app marketing is constantly changing, and that’s a real challenge for small companies like us, with limited resources. For instance, in the early years, the visibility of getting to the top positions was just enough to achieve a good amount of downloads and be profitable with a single app. Nowadays, search/browsing in the stores is the main way to get discoverability. So a lot of work needs to be done to customize and localize the apps.

challenges in app marketing

How do you use MobileAction’s products to overcome those challenges?

MobileAction is a great marketing tool! It has a great impact on several levels. During the launch of new apps, it’s essential in the localization for different languages. When we send the apps for translation, translators don’t have ASO in consideration, and MobileAction’s Keyword Tracking, Keyword Suggestion, and Keyword Spy are there to assist you. 

finding solutions to app marketing challenges using mobileaction

When we launch updates, the process is very similar. And on our daily marketing actions, we also have a look at our main keywords ranking history on MobileAction (by receiving alerts this work is greatly simplified). 

If you’re acquiring users with SearchAds, the Search Ads Intelligence is also a must since it allows you to check which competitors are bidding your strongest keywords and their impression share against yours.

What are some of the best results you’ve achieved after using MobileAction?

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Getting from “nowhere” to top 3 positions in a popular keyword in a difficult language like Hebrew or Ukranian can improve your downloads by 3 or 4 times more in Israel or Ukraine.

Sometimes you don’t get it at launch but then you analyze your competitors’ keywords using MobileAction’s tools and get a very pleasant surprise after an update! It already occurred to us a few times. We are getting the top 5 positions in our main keywords across more than 30 countries and Mobile Action is the main reason why!

What ASO tips can you give people who are struggling in increasing their app’s rankings in app stores?

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First of all, ASO for the App Store and Google Play Store is very different. Read as many articles as you can about those differences to get a basic understanding of how ASO works on both. Treat them as separate universes, even when deciding your apps’ name and app description. Then, put into practice and use MobileAction to understand the relationship between search score, chance and total apps for a given keyword… Simply put, make use of MobileAction tools as much as you can!

What are some of the analysis you would recommend to do before launching a product?

Besides many other aspects to consider, before launching a new app you should analyze the popularity of your target keywords and also if they should be localized or not. A deep understanding of how strong your competitors are for these main keywords is also essential.

What’s next? What are your goals for 2020?

Right now, we are working on an update for myTuner Radio, which should occur by the end of this year. After that, we will focus on developing other related apps in media/music categories. Recently we have launched an app called “Podcasts by myTuner” focus on Podcasts which we expect to improve during Q1 2020. Other related products will be released after that. Based on our previous experience, we expect similar ASO results than the ones we got from myTuner Radio.


We would like to thank Pedro for sharing his experience on the usage of MobileAction. AppGeneration’s continuous iteration on the keywords and thorough competition analysis have led it to achieve great results. Hope this post will be useful for you in crafting your own ASO strategy and getting more downloads.

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About the Author

Pedro Nunes is the Marketing Director at AppGeneration for 7 years now. He manages a team of marketing experts in charge of acquisition, monetization, ASO and data analysis for myTuner Radio and other apps.