Blog Influencer Marketing and the Success of 'Getting Over It'

Influencer Marketing and the Success of ‘Getting Over It’

Last week, the mobile version of the game called ‘Getting Over It’ was launched and within its first week of launch.

The app soared to the top of the charts. When we got curious about how it achieved such a high level of growth, we realized that this might be the result of a quite successful ‘Influencer App Marketing‘ campaign.

So, we have been preaching constantly about how important it is to have a high-quality app and how your app cannot succeed without a proper marketing strategy.

Well, this blog will be about one of the many ways you can market your app. We will be having a look at the importance of Influencer Marketing to your app’s success and one particular, recent example, Getting Over It.

An image depicting influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing is a bit different than other channels of marketing as it’s actually not accessible by every app active in the market. It requires a unique app that fills a specific niche or a something new that will catch the attention of both the influencer and the users.

The rate of success it brings, on the other hand, is unrivaled. By exposing your app to the right audience through the correct influencer, you will most certainly ensure that your app will become a success overnight.

Before we delve into the details about how important and beneficial influencer marketing can be, let’s have a look at who is defined as an influencer.

An image that shows how influencer marketing can gather the attention of people.

An influencer is someone who is well known by the community around a specific niche whose opinions are quite influential and is not someone who is an official expert or any kind of authority on the subject.

These people are usually well-known figures on various social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram or even forums.

So, the process of influencer marketing revolves around getting your app tested and reviewed by these people to put you directly in front of the user base that might be interested in your app. That is where the importance of influencer marketing lies.

If you can pitch your app to the appropriate influencer and if they actually like it your app will most definitely experience a huge boom in downloads. We will have a look at a recent example which made an app reach the very top of the Top Charts the week it was released due to it being featured by a famous Youtuber.

A graph that shows how Getting Over It reached the top of the charts in only 1 week with the power of influencer marketing
You can see the effect of influencer marketing has on this game that rose to the top of the charts on its release week.

So, how can you use influencer marketing to your benefit?

Well, most of the time, influencers will not find you. You have to actively pursue the correct influencer and also should focus on the appropriate platform. For example, Youtube can be a great platform for your mobile game. After you have chosen the appropriate platform, the next is to find the correct influencers and pitch your app to them and build a strategy together with them.

A properly done influencer marketing strategy will seem natural and will flow seamlessly, but getting there is a bit more complex.

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Without further ado let’s see how a game named Getting Over It which was originally launched on PC surged to the top of the charts on the first week of its launch in the mobile platforms without any other form of marketing such as running ads or , perhaps, even without any App Store Optimization efforts.

The game is developed by a publisher named Bennet Foddy, who is quite well-known for creating simple but extremely difficult games that usually frustrate impatient users.

Getting Over It revolves around getting a guy who’s sitting in a bowl and is trying to climb a mountain with a sledgehammer. The developer himself has stated in his app description that he has created the game to frustrate people. Well, after having tried it, I can, without doubt, that the game does fulfill its promise.

So, how did Getting Over It got so popular at the week of its launch in mobile?

Well, the game was played by the most popular Youtuber, PewDiePie on his channel. PewDiePie is known for his gameplay videos where he usually plays the most infuriating or scary games, so Getting Over It was the perfect fit for him to do some videos in it.

Considering that PewDiePie is sitting at around 58 million subscribers to his channel, it’s not so surprising that the game got so popular in a week.

PewDiePie influencer marketing

More importantly, PewDiePie made 6 videos of him playing the game where he didn’t even hide his frustration for the game.

You can access these videos from his channel or by searching for it on Youtube. The videos, honestly, are quite hilarious and shows you how organic and natural it feels when PewDiePie gets truly frustrated with the game he is playing.

But that’s the entire point of the game…

It’s unknown whether this was a result of an agreement between Bennet Foddy and PewDiePie but the results are pretty much clear. As this might be an extreme example, still, you will get so much out of influencer marketing that justifies the time you would put into it to be totally worth it.

All in all, if your app fills a specific niche or is a good fit for some well-known figures that are related to your app, influencer marketing is a huge bonus to your growth strategies as it’s a great source of organic traffic to your app and might prove to be a good source of content for the influencers themselves.

That’s all we have to cover today if you feel like we have missed on something or have any question about the topic, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for reading through!

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