Blog Black Friday 2020: Where is My Package?

Black Friday 2020: Where is My Package?

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The retail sector surely felt the impact of the pandemic. Even on Black Friday, we did not see as many crazy scenes as we are normally used to. However, this does not mean people stopped shopping. According to CNBC, online sales went up almost 22% compared to last year’s Black Friday. Data from Mobile Action’s Market Intelligence tool seems to support the figures claimed by CNBC.

black friday shopping category downloads app store
Estimated total downloads for the Shopping Category in U.S App Store

A strong increase in total download in the shopping category can be seen especially in the United States app store. Especially after November 23, it seems that users prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday by downloading different shopping apps to catch the best deals. 

The hardest part of shopping online is most probably waiting for your order to arrive. One app has managed to fill in this demand by creating a platform where users can both shop and track all their orders in one integrated app. Shop: Package & Order Tracker increased both its downloads and overall category rankings rapidly just before the sales mania.

shop package order tracker category rankings app store
Shop: Package & Order Tracker Category Rankings

As it can be seen, the app has been rapidly increasing its rankings in the overall category especially on the week of Black Friday. The app also seems to be successful with regards to their organic rankings. 

With our ASO Intelligence tool, we took a quick look at the category. Naturally, we used to keyword “Shop” to examine the apps that were organically ranking on this keyword. 

shop package order tracker keyword intelligence aso
Shop: Package & Order Tracker Organic Ranking for the Keyword “Shop”

Shop: Package & Order Tracker is the first ranking app for this keyword. Thus even if you are not looking for this app specifically, you will most likely encounter this app if you search for the word shop. This is also one of the advantages of including a high volume keyword in your brand name.

We hope everyone gets their packages safely this season and if you would like to use our tools to draw your own insight, you can sign up for free here.

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