Blog Facebook’s Negative Reviews Have Surged Over Censorship Complaints

Facebook’s Negative Reviews Have Surged Over Censorship Complaints

facebook negative reviews

Facebook has been alleged to censor conservative posts more often according to the article published in USA Today. Having seen a very low rating for Facebook in our Reviews tool, we wanted to take a closer look at the source of these reviews.

As the number of complaints peaked on November 16, we have observed an all-time low rating (1.08) in the US storefront for the last month.

facebook review numbers
Facebook’s review counts for Oct. 27 – Nov. 25

Out of 26,060 total reviews posted in the last month, 24,975 of them are 1-star ones. And on Nov. 16, we have seen a new record of negative reviews (5000).

To understand the main concern of the users without diving into the reviews one by one. We’ve checked the Most Mentioned Keywords Analysis tab:

most mentioned keywords review facebook
Most Mentioned Keywords in Facebook’s Reviews

The analysis has shown us the most mentioned keywords had all negative sentiments. Some notable keywords we found were “censorship”, “conservative”, “censoring”, “speech”, “free speech, and “political”. 

So, we decided to see what people who mention “conservative” in their reviews have to say. To do a quick analysis, we clicked on the “conservative” keyword in the Most Mentioned Keywords table and filtered it out among thousands of other reviews.

conservative keyword facebook reviews
Reviews with “conservative” keyword

Turns out that most users emphasize heavy censorship over conservative posts. And some even mention that “Facebook is biased and banishes anything conservative while allowing everything liberal.” Having realized that some others mention that they prefer Parler, a social media platform that positions itself as a “free speech platform”, we have also filtered that keyword. Let’s see what Facebook users who wrote “Parler” in their reviews think about it:

parler reviews facebook
Reviews with “parler” keyword

There are around 1132 comments containing the “parler” keyword. Checking a few of these comments, we’ve seen that the bad comment surge on Facebook has become an advertising channel for Parler as many dissatisfied users recommend using Parler and MeWe for more freedom of speech.

Whether Facebook will be able to bring back those frustrated users or increase its rating is something we all are curious about. Interested in taking a deeper look at Facebook’s reviews? Sign up for free here.

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