24 Resources for App Icon Design Inspiration

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Get icon feedback

Let’s face it: developers aren’t always the best designers.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who’s blessed with talent in both areas. But if you need a little help in the design department, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

We rounded up two dozen of the best design resources resources to get a little help with your icon, from inspiration to execution, as well as a few bonus destinations for getting feedback on the design you do come up with.

Jump right in!

Galleries for App Icon Design Inspiration

Iconfinder’s mobile app icons gallery

So you’re just getting started and you need to browse.

Try these app icon design inspiration gallery sites for paging through design sets and icon possibilities in the same manner you’d browse a catalog for new shoes. You need to see a lot of options in order to zero in on a style you like. Bonus: if you’re truly inspired, you can often purchase the designs.


icon roundups
From Design You Trust’s Realistic iOS App Icons & Sketching for Inspiration

Need a little more curated inspiration than you’ll find from the gallery sites?

The creators of these icon roundups have done the work for you to narrow down some of the most beautiful, detailed designs out there. Unlike the galleries, these showcases feature many examples from existing designers and existing apps. (So don’t steal them.)

Icon Advice

How to design better icons
Apply Pixels walks you through some best practices in How to Design Better App Icons

Maybe browsing isn’t your thing… and that’s fine. Many of us may feel inspired but have trouble translating that into a design that actually works. These articles give concrete, actionable tips for creating your icon, from general design best practices to actual step-by-step instructions for creating icons in Photoshop.

Templates and Generators

Google asset studio
Android Asset Studio’s Launcher Icon Generator

You’re ready to put metaphorical pen to paper? Great! Unlike with other artistic projects, you do have some specs and requirements to hit.

These template and generator resources can help you ensure you’ve got the right sizes and formats for your icon.

Get Feedback on Your App Icon Design

Get icon feedback

Evaluation is a key stage of any creation process. Icon design is no exception. These destinations provide some support for getting feedback, but you can also enlist your colleagues, friends, the guy next to you at the cafe if you’re brave.

Do they like the colors? Does the icon seem to fit the actual purpose of the app? Does the icon remind them of anything?


We hope these resources helped you conquer one of the deceptively tricky aspects of getting your mobile app out there!

Did we miss any? Feel free to share in the comments.

Remember, app icons are one of the most important aspects of of App Store Optimization, so don’t neglect your icon.

Happy designing.



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