Blog How App Store Optimization Can Help You Increase Mobile Retention

How App Store Optimization Can Help You Increase Mobile Retention

Because of the fierce competition within app stores and the optimization deficiencies of apps, retaining new users has become a very challenging problem for app developers to tackle, and it gets worse every year. According to data collected by Tapstream, With this post, we will explore how you can increase mobile retention, thanks to App Store Optimization (ASO).

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Increase Mobile Retention via App Store Optimization

Day 1 mobile retention rates went from 25.5% in May 2013 to 14% in May 2014. “Day 7 retention went from a respectable 23% to a measly 10% in May 2014, while Day 30 retention plummeted from 14% to 2.3% – a full 84% decrease,” Mack Flavelle of Tapstream said. In light of this new data, it can be inferred that increasing and even maintaining high retention rates is not an easy job for app developers.

Organic downloads are important to increase mobile retention because users search for specific keywords, and their intention is to download an app once they find what they are after. However, with more than two million apps in the app store, app discovery is becoming the biggest challenge for the mobile industry.

It is hard to boost an app’s ranking organically among such strong competition. To be found by users with the keywords used and downloaded organically, your app should be ranked higher by using app store optimization best practices. If you increase your organic downloads, social proof steps in. As your downloads increase via higher keyword rankings and visibility scores, it shows that you meet expectations in the eyes of users, so your retention increases as well.

In the high competition within each app category, app store optimization is necessary to be downloaded organically and have a higher visibility score. If you analyze the case studies of our customers, FitStar, Run Sheldon, and Teacherkit, you can infer that keyword rankings, daily downloads, and even savings can be increased through the use of app store optimization.

In order to be visible in the app store among your competitors, you should optimize your app in terms of your keywords, description, screenshots, and video. It will also help you retain new users.

The Bottom Line

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