Each June, the LGBTQ+ community commemorates Pride Month across the world with parades, festivals, and events celebrating LGBTQ+ identity, culture, and rights. Over the course of festivities throughout the month, communities come together, marching down city streets and decorating neighborhoods with rainbow flags and colors while igniting passions for equality and social progress. What started as commemorations of the Stonewall riots has become a worldwide phenomenon affectionately known as “Pride”.

Pride Month transforms community spirit, igniting passions from local gatherings to worldwide shows of support for LGBTQ+ rights. However, it also has massive implications for the mobile marketing industry. As supporters engage with information on local events, pride histories, and equality campaigns, search terms like “pride”, “pride month”, “lgbtq”, and “lgbtq+” see huge spikes. This surge of search interest presents a major opportunity for companies, advocacy organizations, and mobile games to connect with engaged audiences.

In fact, the pervasive Pride has become one of the top events each year for driving downloads, engagement, and in-app purchasing across related app categories. As month-long celebrations grow, savvy mobile marketers capitalize on the moment with optimized organic rankings, targeted paid campaigns, unique in-app events, and creative custom product pages.

In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at Pride Month mobile marketing strategies through the lens of organic and paid keyword trends, in-app events, and default and custom product pages best practices. Our goal is to help apps maximize this once-a-year window for acquiring new users and revenue. So read on to see how one of the biggest commemorations in social justice can translate to peak performance on mobile.

How Pride Month becomes the talk of the mobile app world

Each year, come mid-June, certain keywords see their search scores begin to rise as Pride Month captures global attention rapidly. Terms like “pride”, “pride month”, “lgbtq”, and “lgbtq+” all experience a marked increase in searches.

ASO Intelligence data shows that “pride” is searched at much higher rates during the opening weeks of June celebrations than during normal monthly volumes. This is understandable given the significance the month places on commemorating social progress.

Keyword Trends – ASO intelligence

Similarly, the all-encompassing term “lgbtq” peaks in searches as supporters seek local events, histories, and discussions around iconic displays of community and activism.

Interest is also strongly boosted for “pride month” itself as the movement’s premier commemorations bring diverse identities into the global spotlight.

What’s clear is all these keywords hit their apex points around the end of June as festivals and marches around the world energize communities. With demand so high, mobile marketers must optimize to answer searched questions and satisfy engaged audiences seeking to learn more during this meaningful time of celebration and advocacy.

Maximizing Visibility with Targeted Pride Keywords

Search by Keyword – SearchAds Intelligence

The dating app Taimi—LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat invested in over 1000 paid pride keywords. According to SearchAds Intelligence data, this effort led to a notable 47.2% impression share for searches related to these terms.

Similarly, the “HER: Lesbian & Queer LGBTQ Dating” app focused its marketing on 98 pride-themed keywords. This drove an impression share of 5.7% for searches containing these keywords in the Lifestyle category.

By delving into pride-related paid search terms, these apps raised their visibility and engaged sentiment-driven audiences. The data offers valuable perspectives on successfully utilizing niche keyword targeting around LGBTQ+ events and milestones to boost discoverability.

Beyond Hashtags: Leveraging In-App Events

Mobile marketers took advantage of in-app event badges during June to engage busy allies of the LGBTQ+ community. These strategic activations yielded key metrics.

TikTok, Pinterest, Tinder, and Feeld spotlighted “Special Event” markers for their Pride Month hashtags and curated galleries of progress. The sense of community drove significant interaction and time exploring shared experiences.

BIGO LIVE and HER highlighted “Live Event” badges for streamed Pride parades and virtual meetups. Custom events like speed dating kept audiences invested.

BLK and Chispa utilized “Major Update” notices to showcase custom profile options celebrating identities. The celebratory features boosted self-expression and discovery within inclusive spaces.

Strategically planned in-app events effectively showcased timely offers and content tied to global Pride commemorations. Analytics revealed measurable spikes in repetitive user behavior seeking an ongoing sense of belonging throughout June. Event-based strategies can become an annual rhythm for maximizing engagement among advocates year-round.

In-App Events – App Intelligence

Showcasing the Spirit of Pride – Default and Custom Product Pages

Custom and robust app product pages provide valuable opportunities for mobile marketers to stand out from competitors and match their messaging to key audiences. Well-optimized pages highlighting an app’s value proposition, unique features, engaging visuals, and authentic customer reviews help increase visibility and lower acquisition costs. This is because customized pages allow targeting niche search queries and community hashtags, showcasing custom copy and assets better suited for each meaningful promotion and moment.

CPP Intelligence

Our CPP intelligence shows one clear winner from a creative optimization standpoint: Taimi, an LGBTQ+ Dating and chat app, for last year’s Pride Month. By providing in-app previews in iPhone mockups, Taimi explained the main value of the application clearly and strongly with the captions they wrote at the top of each product page.

CPP Intelligence

This year, we can easily say that Taimi has leveled up his creative strategy and even surpassed last year’s creative success. In this product page design, where rainbow colors are preferred as the background color, we see the brand name and the main value offered by this brand on the first page. An image of a member of the LGBTQ+ community accompanies these texts. In the following product pages, other features of the Taimi app are introduced.

As another strong product page example, we can show the HER: Lesbian & Queer LGBTQ Dating application. Some pages from HER app’s product page are as follows:

CPP Intelligence

In sum, for mobile app marketers, utilizing the full capabilities of creativity to craft audience-focused, aesthetically pleasing product pages is a must for driving discovery, boosting conversion, sustaining retention, and growing an app’s community over time.


As this analysis has shown, Pride Month presents a tremendous annual opportunity for Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Social Networking apps to engage captive audiences and attract new users through optimized mobile marketing. The data demonstrates that organic and paid keywords, in-app events, and default and custom product page creatives all have the potential to significantly boost discoverability, downloads, and engagement during the LGBTQ+ community’s biggest festival.

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