As mobile marketing continues its exponential growth, accurate attribution of campaign performance has never been more important. By choosing the right MMP, mobile marketers can unlock powerful insights that drive optimized user acquisition and business growth.

In this post, we evaluate the top 16 MMPs across key capabilities like cross-channel tracking, platform coverage, privacy support, and reporting tools. We analyzed each vendor based on features, integrations, customer reviews, and sector reputation to identify the leading partners for 2024.

Before examining our picks, we’ll explore what MMPs do and their role in the next section.

Let the search begin to find the perfect MMP match for your business needs in the year ahead! Read on for our definitive list of the best in the business.

What is a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP)?

Now that we’ve introduced the topic, let’s dive into what exactly a mobile measurement partner (MMP) is and how they work.

At their core, MMPs are third-party platforms that help connect the dots between the various touchpoints in the mobile marketing funnel. They track user activity and attribute it back to the originating campaigns and ad placements that drove those actions.

More specifically, MMPs integrate with sources of mobile user acquisition data like ad networks, app stores, and various marketing platforms. They collect information on installs, in-app events, purchases, and more that occur as a result of different campaigns.

Through sophisticated attribution modeling, MMPs analyze these data inputs to determine which ads, placements, and touchpoints deserve credit for driving users down the funnel. They attribute on multiple levels too, not just installations but post-install behaviors.

Armed with these attribution insights, MMPs provide reporting and analytics suites so marketers can understand user journeys, compare campaign performance, and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like cost per install, retention, and lifetime value.

Overall, choosing the right MMP gives mobile marketers unparalleled cross-channel visibility to optimize user acquisition campaigns and make data-driven decisions. Their role is crucial for measuring true marketing ROI in today’s fragmented mobile landscape.

How does an MMP work?

Once integrated into a mobile marketer’s tech stack, MMPs activate tracking across various user acquisition channels and platforms. This involves deploying lightweight tags or SDKs within mobile apps as well as integrating with ad networks, media buying platforms, app stores, and other data sources.

When a user discovers an app through one of these channels – like discovering an organic tweet or seeing an in-app Facebook or programmatic ad – the MMP’s tags and SDKs record a unique “session ID”. This session ID links back to marketing touchpoints for that specific user.

As the user moves through the app marketing funnel, the MMP continues to track their journey. It attributes installations, in-app behaviors, purchases, and other conversions back to the initial campaign or ad impression that initiated the user’s path.

To do so, MMPs employ sophisticated attribution algorithms that analyze timestamps, contextual clues, and other data signals to accurately credit multiple touchpoints if applicable. Many also apply probability-based, time-decay, or position-based attribution models.

Once data is properly tagged and attributed, MMPs provide marketers with granular attribution reports and analytics dashboards. Dashboards visualize key metrics to help assess campaign performance across networks and optimize user acquisition strategies. Reports show fully-attributed ROI to optimize marketing spend.

This closed-loop process of tracking, attributing and reporting is how MMPs continuously deliver unified cross-channel insights to inform better mobile user acquisition decisions.

16 the Best Mobile Attribution Partners in 2024


AppsFlyer is a leading mobile marketing platform that helps app marketers optimize user acquisition and measure app installs and campaign performance.

Founded in 2011, AppsFlyer has been pioneering mobile attribution and helping define the industry since its inception by allowing marketers to link app installs to various marketing campaigns to understand which campaigns and media sources are driving installs. This provides invaluable insights for optimizing user acquisition strategies. AppsFlyer also leverages predictive analytics to see how early user engagement correlates with expected user lifetime value, helping optimize budget allocation.

Additionally, marketers can aggregate marketing costs through AppsFlyer’s Xpend tool to make data-driven decisions around spend optimization. Features like deep linking, multi-touch attribution, fingerprinting, and SKAdNetwork attribution provide marketers with robust tools to track the user journey. Access to historical data and reporting functionality gives marketers versatility in analyzing campaign performance.

AppsFlyer serves both large enterprises as well as smaller businesses, with flexible pricing tiers including a free basic package. Their focus on user experience, privacy, and continued innovation has helped them become the trusted platform of choice for over 10,000 customers including major brands like Disney, Snapchat, and Calm. AppsFlyer’s leadership in the space has defined and driven the mobile attribution industry forward since the company’s founding.


Adjust is one of the leading mobile measurement and attribution platforms, trusted by thousands of apps and major brands. Founded in 2012, Adjust prioritizes user privacy and security, having developed robust fraud prevention systems and secure cloud infrastructure.

Adjust enables marketers to gain valuable insights into key metrics like organic installs, ad interactions, in-app events, and user behaviors through uninstalling and reinstalling data. Marketers can also use Adjust to build targeted audiences. Since Adjust is mobile-only, it is especially useful for connecting mobile users to the specific ads they interact with.

Adjust offers unlimited access to raw attribution and analytics data to help marketers optimize their campaigns. The platform also provides powerful marketing automation tools directly in the Adjust dashboard. Adjust is considered one of the top options for mobile measurement due to its prioritization of cybersecurity and proactive fraud filtration.

Support from Adjust is also highly rated, with the company winning awards for client services. Adjust’s flexible pricing tiers cater to a wide variety of businesses from independent developers to large enterprises. Overall, Adjust’s long track record and leadership in mobile measurement and privacy standards have made it a trusted partner for thousands of apps and global brands.


Firebase, which is developed by technology giant Google, functions as a mobile-focused analytics platform similar to Google Analytics. As an attribution and measurement tool, Firebase offers app marketers valuable insights through its ability to track important in-app metrics.

Specifically, the platform provides data on user activities and behaviors within apps. Marketers can also leverage Firebase to monitor the performance of push notifications and Google ads campaigns. Its dynamic linking capabilities further allow the creation of customized deep links.

Being developed under Google, Firebase has robust backend functionality for collecting and analyzing usage data. The powerful built-in tools within the platform empower app developers and analysts to gain a comprehensive understanding of in-app consumer experiences and how to effectively optimize engagement. Overall, Firebase stands out as a full-featured mobile analytics solution from a trusted source.


Singular is a leading mobile marketing intelligence and attribution platform that empowers marketers to optimize their efforts through unified analytics. As a “one-stop-shop” solution for both campaigns and measurement, Singular allows users to maximize ROI within a single system.

Founded to advance beyond legacy attribution methods, Singular offers over 1,000 integrations with top advertising networks. This extensive ecosystem enables marketers to identify the impact of spending across different channels. Singular also delivers insights into metrics like attribution, fraud prevention, monetization, and SKAdNetwork measurement.

Singular’s technology and wide-ranging attribution features such as multi-touch and lookback windows provide actionable recommendations to improve results. The platform attracts major global brands and counts companies from the Fortune 500 as customers.

Singular caters flexibility through tiered pricing for businesses of all sizes. Even the basic free trial unlocks robust data extraction without limits. Overall, Singular delivers unified optimization for both campaigns and analytics through an integrated solution trusted by top marketers worldwide.


Branch is an innovative mobile measurement and linking platform that has seen tremendous growth since being founded in 2014. With over 100,000 apps on its platform including major companies like Buzzfeed, TikTok, and Shopify, Branch has emerged as a leading solution.

Branch enables marketers to track the full user funnel and leverage deep contextual links to better understand user journeys. The platform also offers insights into influencer marketing efforts. Marketers can utilize Branch’s integrations with email providers and analytics tools to send targeted in-app messages and track user behavior and campaigns.

Branch provides a best-in-class deep linking experience for app developers through features like deferred deep linking on installation. Marketers benefit from an easy-to-use centralized dashboard to view campaign metrics and the impact of ads. Branch also ensures compliance with privacy changes through its SafeTrack tool.

Branch supports key areas like cross-platform attribution and SKAdNetwork unified views. The platform caters to a wide range of businesses through customized solutions and free basic packages for indie developers seeking growth. Overall, Branch stands out as a top choice for mobile measurement due to its ability to innovate, integrate new privacy features, and deliver a personalized experience for marketers at every level.


Kochava is a leading real-time data solutions platform that was founded in 2011. Originally started by mobile app developers, Kochava has grown into an omnichannel platform called m/OS that provides attribution, analytics, and data management across web, mobile, and other channels through a centralized system.

Kochava offers marketers a user-friendly way to track key metrics and set customizable alerts through email, SMS, or Slack. This ensures marketers remain updated on important changes to installs, conversion, or revenue. The platform also protects users from ad fraud through its detection capabilities.

Significantly, Kochava supports companies of all sizes through flexible pricing tiers. This includes a generous free basic plan for independent developers and startups seeking to access Kochava’s robust data and analytics without an SDK integration. Kochava additionally operates the largest independent data marketplace called Kochava Collective to help marketers build robust audience profiles.

Kochava’s expertise is evidenced by its diverse customer base including major brands. Overall, Kochava stands out as a full-stack, one-stop platform through its real-time omnichannel solutions, vast integration network, and varied features to support marketers at every stage of their growth.


Dreamdata is a mobile attribution and revenue analytics solution tailored specifically for B2B companies. As its core function, Dreamdata delivers transparent reporting and insights into revenue performance and drivers.

Through its in-depth analytics capabilities, marketers gain a comprehensive understanding of the return on investment for various marketing activities and initiatives. Dreamdata also provides visibility into the full B2B customer journey and conversion funnel.

As a platform designed with B2B firms in mind, Dreamdata presents detailed ROI analysis and revenue optimization opportunities. The platform supports businesses of all sizes, making it well-suited for small-to-medium-sized enterprises working in the B2B vertical. Overall, Dreamdata excels at delivering specialized revenue-based insights geared towards marketers selling complex B2B products and services.


AppMetrica is a comprehensive mobile analytics platform used by over 60,000 apps worldwide, including major brands like Azur Games, Burger King, and METRO. As a top-rated SDK, AppMetrica delivers on its promise as an all-in-one solution.

Beyond attribution, AppMetrica empowers app marketers with product analytics, testing, campaigns, and crash reporting directly in its unified interface. Compared to many competitors, AppMetrica stands out for its very affordable pricing scheme which remains sustainable even for high volume usage.

Some of AppMetrica’s strongest value propositions include seamless SDK integration, an intuitive dashboard, and real-time and unrestricted historical data access. The platform also prioritizes security and regulatory compliance.

AppMetrica’s powerful data management capabilities allow deep customer profiling and predictive analytics too. The ability to trigger immediate campaign optimizations based on upfront LTV and churn insights is a major differentiator.

Overall, AppMetrica presents as a compelling choice given its comprehensive feature set, competitive pricing, strong performance for high-traffic apps, and focus on key areas beyond just attribution. This full-service toolkit delivers clear product and marketing value.


Localytics positions itself as a “mobile app marketing and analytics software”, delivering not only attribution but also a suite of engagement and analytics tools. In addition to standard measurement capabilities, Localytics provides marketers with the unique ability to perform comprehensive A/B testing of different communication strategies and touchpoints.

This allows users to deeply optimize their campaigns and analyze the most effective messaging and design treatments. Geofencing capabilities further enhance Localytics’ utility for specific verticals like travel that focus on location-based experiences.

As a platform designed to support customers of all types and maturity levels, Localytics caters to businesses regardless of size – from early-stage startups to large enterprises. Overall, Localytics differentiates itself through its expansive toolkit that goes beyond core metrics monitoring to power multifaceted testing and refinement of the mobile experience.


Tenjin is a popular mobile measurement partner especially well-suited for mobile game developers and publishers. As one of the most affordable options on the market, Tenjin allows users to track attribution for free through its basic package.

Founded to equip companies with growth data infrastructure, Tenjin delivers value through cost attribution, revenue tracking, and integration with top advertising networks. This extensive ecosystem provides marketers with deep insights into spend optimization. Tenjin also offers advanced packages for those seeking additional features.

Tenjin counts major gaming companies like Voodoo, SayGames, and Ruby Games among its customers thanks to its specialized support for the gaming industry. Marketers benefit from easy access to historical reporting and user-level data through Tenjin’s DataVault. Even indie devs can take advantage of Tenjin’s generous free tier and data demo to measure game performance and growth.

Overall, Tenjin stands out as a cost-effective yet robust solution perfect for mobile game publishers and developers. Its focus and expertise in the gaming vertical paired with a free attribution package make it a top choice for game marketers at varying budget and company levels.


Attribution is an enterprise-level mobile measurement solution specialized for helping companies maximize return on ad spend. Through its multitouch attribution modeling and support for diverse campaign channels, Attribution provides granular insights into how specific users and accounts are contributing to installs and ROI.

Rather than high volumes alone, Attribution appears tailored towards the needs of large enterprises seeking to deeply understand interactions across their global marketing efforts. The detailed analytics aim to empower these organizations to continuously improve performance by optimizing user acquisition strategies based on comprehensive attribution data and ROI measurements.

While not the best fit for high-growth startups handling massive install flows, Attribution targets mature companies of significant scale operating complex multi-market operations. For these enterprise customers, Attribution offers actionable recommendations and reporting to boost returns through an enhanced approach to performance-based marketing investments.


RevenueCat is a leading mobile marketing platform specializing in building and optimizing in-app subscriptions. By integrating their SDK, developers gain a hassle-free solution to implement subscriptions without backend coding or server maintenance headaches.

Marketers and product teams also access powerful analytics through RevenueCat’s unified cross-platform dashboard. Key insights include customer purchase histories, retention metrics, and correlated data from integrations with top analytics partners. This enables optimization driven by insights rather than assumptions.

Top subscription-based apps from Google Play and the App Store like Notion, Zero, and Mindvalley rely on RevenueCat for their monetization needs. The platform removes the complexity of subscriptions through automated tracking and no-code solutions.

RevenueCat also caters to businesses of all sizes through fairly priced tiers and a generous free starter package. Recent improvements to features like Apple Search Ads integration enhance RevenueCat’s utility for performance marketers as well. Overall, RevenueCat emerges as the premier mobile monetization analytics solution for subscription-driven businesses.


Nielsen Attribution is a mobile measurement solution that benefits from being part of the renowned Nielsen analytics firm. Under this partnership, Nielsen Attribution stands out from other platforms through its tight Facebook integration capabilities.

This allows marketers to fully leverage insights from the world’s largest social network within a single attribution platform. Nielsen Attribution also caters to companies with significant offline marketing strategies through its offline tracking and attribution features.

By bridging digital and physical consumer touchpoints, marketers gain a holistic view of how all efforts contribute to outcomes. While not the most affordable for tiny startups, Nielsen Attribution is well-suited for established businesses supporting over 10,000 monthly active users.

For these larger organizations managing sprawling online and offline initiatives, Nielsen Attribution delivers best-in-class Facebook analytics paired with unique offline attribution – a compelling advantage over competitors focusing solely on digital metrics.


Airbridge takes a cross-platform measurement approach, supporting mobile and web attribution needs. Through its all-in-one platform, Airbridge aims to solve common challenges marketers face around collecting comprehensive data, maintaining consistent customer profiles, and optimizing linking strategies.

By providing turnkey solutions for attribution, data collection, identity resolution, and deep linking, Airbridge streamlines the measurement process. Marketers additionally benefit from the platform’s robust reporting and export capabilities. This empowers detailed performance analysis and usage of attribution insights wherever needed.

Overall, Airbridge is a full-service analytics partner capable of delivering unified cross-channel insights. By addressing pain points associated with fragmented data and solving measurement headaches, Airbridge simplifies optimization for marketers operating across devices and online touchpoints.


Adtriba is a marketing analytics and optimization platform that aims to help marketers evaluate the true impact of their efforts. Through its capabilities, marketers can analyze performance data to better understand what is and isn’t working across channels.

A key strength of Adtriba lies in its automated data collection processes and AI-powered evaluation systems. This allows the platform to provide marketers with objective recommendations on how to strategically refine budget allocation for optimal results.

By removing subjective biases, Adtriba’s technology surfaces unbiased insights. This empowers marketers to make data-driven decisions to improve marketing ROI based on what programs and tactics are driving the best outcomes. The actionable guidance aims to help optimization professionals systematically optimize performance.

Overall, Adtriba presents itself as a full-funnel solution to measure real marketing impact and empower smarter budgeting through artificial intelligence. The promise is marketers can rely on the platform to identify what’s working and actionably redirect funds accordingly.


Tapstream positions itself as a comprehensive app marketing platform that delivers not only mobile attribution but also powerful optimization tools. Through its easy-to-integrate SDK, Tapstream supports attribution across hundreds of advertising networks with a single integration point.

In addition to the standard measurement of install sources, Tapstream enables marketers to test and refine campaigns through A/B testing of different deep links, referrals, and landing pages. This allows ongoing refinement to improve results.

Tapstream additionally provides solutions for building and tracking custom referral programs to reward loyal fans and leverage word-of-mouth growth. As a flexible platform designed for all business sizes, Tapstream supports small to medium-sized companies regardless of install volumes or maturity levels.

Overall, Tapstream presents a holistic marketing toolkit empowering app marketers to measure performance, test variables and incentivize organic sharing through an integrated optimization-driven approach.

How to Choose a Mobile Measurement Partner in 2024

With so many excellent MMP options to choose from, selecting the right partner can seem overwhelming. Here are some key factors to consider when evaluating which platform best suits your business needs:

  • Platform Coverage – Evaluate which networks, devices, and operating systems are supported. Make sure your key acquisition channels are covered.
  • Attribution Models – Review available attribution methodologies like first-touch or multi-touch. Choose one that accurately reflects how users discover your brand.
  • Reporting & Analytics – Compare dashboards and report types. Look for robust customization to track your KPIs. Mobile-optimized is best.
  • Features – Consider tools for linking device IDs, custom event tracking, predictive modeling, and more advanced use cases.
  • Integrations – Apps and ad platforms should integrate seamlessly. Ease of set-up saves time versus workarounds.
  • Data Ownership – Understand data access policies if you require exporting raw files for custom analytics.
  • Pricing – Costs vary depending on data volumes and features used. Ensure pricing scales sustainably as your business grows.
  • Customer Service – Reach out to current users about support response times and problem-solving abilities.

Once you test drive platform demos and shortlist top options, don’t forget to try free trials before committing. Choosing the optimal MMP is key to actionable mobile marketing insights.

Integrate Your MMP into

Integrating your mobile measurement partner (MMP) data is seamless with We currently have pre-built integrations with all major MMP providers like AppsFlyer, Adjust, Branch, Kochava, and Airbridge. This allows you to view your campaign performance from installation to various in-app events in one centralized dashboard.

If you track users with an internal attribution solution, we can also build a custom integration. This ensures you have full visibility into your user attribution metrics directly within

Seeing how users attribute throughout the funnel empowers you to make smarter bidding and optimization decisions for better campaign ROI. Do let us know if you need any assistance setting up an MMP or custom integration on our platform.

For more information on MMP Integrations and questions please check our Partner Integrations help page.

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