You all heard the age-old Paid vs. Organic discussion. And let’s face it, we all have our favorite. 

Shine on organic, and you’ll balance your customer acquisition cost and give more breading room to paid acquisition. Nail down the paid acquisition, and you’ll experience fast and predictable growth. 

But the reality is that you need them both, and they feed each other. 

Today, we’re announcing our first step towards bringing together our intelligence (MobileAction) and campaign automation platforms ( You can now switch between two platforms with a simple toggle switch and turn insights into action. 

Here is how this change can improve your user acquisition: 

  • Track your organic and paid user acquisition performance together and see how they support each other
  • Find high-intent keywords, analyze competitors and improve your organic strategy
  • Get custom alerts and enhance your Apple Search Ads performance
  • Uncover the latest ad trends, design better Custom Product Pages, and acquire more users

No worries if you don’t have a account. You can still switch and get access to
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