In real life, Casinos use some simple but extremely effective tricks to pursue people in playing more. You can’t find clocks in Casinos. No windows, no outside interaction. So, no track of time. However, they will give you free drinks, alcohol, and a sparkling world. In this way, players remain happy even if they are losing. 

This is how they manage people in real-life casinos. Now, let’s take a look at what casino games are doing to improve conversion rates and mobile user acquisition strategies, shall we? Before you even start thinking about how to promote an app, you need to make sure that your product page is ready to turn some visitors into customers.

For this matter, we chose 15 highly popular Casino Games from the Top Charts and will analyze their product pages to understand how they turn visitors into users.

App Icons

In the search results or featured apps, whenever users encounter your app, the app icon is probably the very first thing they engage with. This is why the icon of your app holds prime importance in improving your app store conversion rates.

When we look at the app icon preferences of Casino games, we see that they heavily bank on the colors of black, green, and red. Think about any casino that you have ever been to, or picture a casino from a movie if you have never been to one. You will realize that these colors are also utilized by real-life casinos. Green poker tables, red carpets, slot machines, and even the personnel have these colors on their uniforms. 

Let’s talk about why. 

You have probably heard of color marketing before. It is a marketing method for benefiting from sentiments associated with certain colors. For instance, while red is seen as the color of passion, love, and anger,  green signifies abundance and new beginnings. Black, on the other hand, is usually associated with elegance and luxury. If these don’t summarize what gambling is, nothing can. 

Therefore, it makes sense that casino apps are benefiting from these colors in their app icons for their mobile game marketing efforts. Regardless of the category of your product,  color marketing and projection of sentiment should be on your checklist. 

Moreover, cards and dice are heavily utilized in the app icons of casino games. There are two reasons behind this. The first is the fact that, people who gamble love these visuals. The second is, they highlight what the app is about and what games they offer. It is important to reflect your app’s content and theme in your app icons and Casino Games are doing a great job on this.

Creative Asset Hub

You can all the information about your competitors’ creative assets in our Creative Asset Hub. In this way, you can optimize your own visuals by analyzing the top creative assets in your category. 

Generic Keywords Dominate Indexed Fields

When we look at the app titles of Casino games, we see that they prefer generic keywords rather than brand keywords. Zynga Poker, Caesars Slots, and Slotomania are the only ones with a brand name in their app titles. This approach fits well with the genre since most users search for specific games such as BlackJack, Solitaire, or Bingo. Therefore, having these phrases in the app titles put these games in front of the ASO race

So what else helps you get better rankings? Your subtitles. After your app title, your subtitle is one of the most weighted factors that impact your app keyword rankings. Except for Casino Craps Pro 3D, every casino game on our list is benefiting from them. 

As you can see above, Casino games utilize these keywords the most in their subtitles. Slot(s), Card(s) and Game(s) get the top-shelves. Subtitles give you an extra keyword field that you can benefit from to increase your organic rankings. For this matter, one should utilize them in the best way possible. 

As our ASO Intelligence shows that users are searching for these keywords quite often the top three keywords utilized in subtitles have search scores of 59,46 and 80 respectively. Therefore, we can state that most casino games are aware of the advantages of subtitles. 

Video Previews and Screenshots for Casino Games

Now, let’s check out what Casino games are doing to improve their conversions with video previews and screenshots.

Video Previews

First and foremost, we have to say that 9 out of the 15 casino games welcome users with a video preview. Users probably would want to take a quick look at what your game is about and a video preview would be the perfect tool for this job. 

Let’s look at some examples.

What attracts a gambler better than the thrill of winning real money, right? As you can see here, Match to Win starts with a movement and sound reminiscent of a slot machine to say “Win Real Cash”. Then they show a user who won money and proceed to the real gameplay.

 Some gamble with pure luck and some gamble with knowledge. This casino game tells how to play better. It highlights your mistakes and shows the best moves. In this manner, Black Jack 21 Pro Multi-hand differentiates itself from other games that are solely focused on providing a game of Black Jack. This preview can be particularly effective for attracting users who already know BlackJack. By telling users what they are lacking,  you can tease your way to conversions!

Solitaire is another popular card game. Moreover, the app store is filled with casino games that are about Solitaire. For this matter, explaining your value propositions in the video previews is of vital importance because the competition is harsh. As you can see, Solitaire by Brainum offers stats and different scoring styles and customizing cards and backboards. 


If you decided not to utilize video previews, then screenshots are your last conversion castles. Similar to video previews, you have to make it catchy and engaging but you should not forget to describe your game. 

Pool Payday is one of those casino games that don’t use a video preview. Instead, they are showcasing their game with a screenshot set. As you can see, we have visuals of real gameplay and lots of happy faces. Because Pool Payday wants to create a sense of positiveness, to show excitement and winnings in these screenshots.  

This approach is extremely common in this category. 

Here is another example. We see screenshots that describe the gameplay, tell users that they can earn real money, and display lots of happy users. 

When we look at the product pages of Casino Games, we see that they are not only promoting the game but also a pleasant feeling of excitement. Just like real-life casinos. 

What kind of video previews and screenshots they are using is presented in one simple dashboard. Furthermore, you can improve your app titles and subtitles by using our Keyword optimization tool

Ratings and Reviews for Casino Games

Ratings and reviews are another significant aspects of product pages. Most users will decide whether to download the app by looking at these sections.

These are the average numbers for our selected Casino Games. Although some of the games are relatively new to the market, the average review count is still pretty high. You might think that ratings and reviews are parts of your product pages that you have no control over other than creating a good game and hoping to get good results. Luckily, this is not the case. 

Responding to the reviews can actually make a huge difference. It helps you to connect with your user base on a deeper level. It shows that you are listening to their requests and complaints.

When a user is happy with your game, they show their appreciation by leaving a positive review, which helps conversion rates since other users who see these reviews will be one step closer to downloading your app. Also, they will see that you are responding to these comments; however, the real impact lays behind the negative reviews.

You cannot solely choose to answer positive reviews. When you leave negative reviews unanswered, this will cause a drop in your public image. In other words, if you don’t care or listen to your users, they will stop playing your game and also negatively influence users in the consideration stage. 

As you can see, Casino games are respondents to both positive and negative reviews. In this way, they engage with their users,  show prospects that the app is still actively maintained, and potentially turn negative reviews into positive ones.

The best way to hit 21 is to know the next cards. Similarly, when you are competing for app downloads, you should know about the market. Our mobile app Intelligence tools enable you to track your competitors and see their user acquisition strategies and tactics, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your app marketing strategies.

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