Marketers Should Give Importance to Seasonality When It Comes to ASO

Christmas season is knocking at the door, people even started to write notes to Santa, wishing for growth of their businesses, a happier, healthier life and so on…

aso seasonality

For sure, there are many ways to strengthen your App position in the highly competitive App Market with accurate ASO strategies specifically on these respective holiday seasons. Let’s discuss seasonality for Apps based on Christmas season, which is pretty close!

During Christmas, it is quite significant to release App updates about the respective season so that these App updates can appear in the best updates section in App Stores, which will definitely increase your App’s Visibility & Rankings as well!

Seasonality plays an important role in App Store Optimization and User Acquisition. However, most of the time it is under-utilized.

1. Special Holiday Features and In-App Purchases

Customers always react to coming across special holiday-related features while searching an App in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Make sure that you’ve launched some new Christmas-themed features about your App to catch your users’ attention. This will definitely encourage your visitors to click through your App.

These unique features might be;

Christmas Themed Store Assets

Christmas themed app icons are the first thing that comes to mind. Updating your screenshots is also a great way of catching the attention of the user.

Christmas related app icons ASO seasonality

Holiday related In-app Purchases

One other way to catch the attention of users is to have special in-app purchases related to the seasonal event. For example, you can have Christmas related character skins for your action game or Christmas related background options for a photo editing tool.

christmas related in app purchases

Not only will you catch the attention of users, but also you will increase your rankings as In-App Purchases can rank on their own. Your In-App Purchase can appear in the search results for a related keyword and you might be able to generate some traffic from there!

In a nutshell, if you want to promote your special holiday In-app purchases or any holiday-themed features, you need to add holiday related icon, name, description etc.

2.Apple Search Ads – Promote your special Holiday In-apps

After adding some unique Holiday-related features to your App, you should definitely promote your special holiday in-apps / updates in Apple Search Ads, because App customers are mainly searching holiday-related terms in those periods of times in order to find apps that have some holiday deals or any holiday-related updates.

search score popularity history for christmas

You can see how the popularity of a keyword sky-rockets as the seasonal event it is tied to comes closer. This means that if you can promote your app on keywords such as this, you’ll most likely get much more traffic from those keywords.

But keep in mind that as the popularity of keywords increases, so does the average CPT bid of those keywords. Just be careful to track your ROI on such keywords to make sure you’re getting the most value out of them.

All in all, by concentrating on some special Holiday-related features you can increase the conversion rates and the overall visibility of your app in the stores.

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