Chatbots and ai-generated avatars took over the world in the last couple of months. Literally, everybody was either sharing their conversation with ChatGPT or magic avatars on social media. The question you have to ask yourself as UA Managers and ASO experts is, how successful was your keyword optimization to benefit from this trend?  

It is impossible to scroll down on the App Store or Google Play without seeing an AI app, especially for the Photo & Video category. 3 AI-focused apps in the Top Charts for Photo&Video show how dominant this trend is. 

With the proper steps, you can leverage this trend to increase your organic rankings and improve your keyword optimization.  

Keyword Optimization: Keep up with keyword trends

If you want to catch any trend for ASO, the best way is to look at keywords. Current popular events or topics can instantly be seen in the search results. For example during the World Cup, trending keywords were full of that. 

keyword optimization

And now it’s all about AI. It is hard to cope with this competition with too many competitors but you are lucky because we have Keyword Trends. You can notice the well-performing keywords earlier and increase your power over them before everyone else.

For example, we see almost identical increases in “ai” and “ai art”, which signals the ai trend. Imagine, optimizing your app title, subtitle, and keyword field in the early stage for these keywords. 

keyword optimizaiton

This way your app can be at the top of the search results when the search volume is off the roof. It is up to you to not miss the next one. 

You can also check the popularity score history, detect uptrends and test keywords to optimize your keyword field.

Compare your keyword coverage with your competitors

In any business, you should follow what your competitors are doing and keep up with the market. It’s no different for app marketing. You must examine your competitors’ keyword lists and compare them with yours. However, searching every competitor’s keywords and comparing them one by one for different storefronts is humanly impossible. 

 Instead of checking every competitor one by one, you can just choose your app and your competitor to see common and unique keywords for both sides. This way you can identify the keywords that your competitors are ranking for but you’re not. You can also compare your organic rankings for your mutual keywords and fine-tune your Apple Search Ads strategy to increase your impression share for these keywords.  

keyword optimization


For instance, the UA manager of Picsart can type Lensa into the search bar and compare all of Picsart’s and Lensa’s keyword coverage. Side-by-side. For every storefront.

Get your share in the competition with Search Ads Intelligence

You can search for any keyword and see who’s getting the most impression share. Based on the search score, impression shares, and chance score, you can forecast the performance of the keyword. 

For example, when you search for “ai” in the Search by Keyword, you will notice that. Aiby: Art & Avatar Generator has the greatest impression share. Let’s take a look at their paid keyword coverage.  

At this point, you can use Search by App to discover all the keywords that Aiby: Art & Avatar Generator is getting impressions from. This way you can explore your competitor’s paid growth strategies in seconds and ease your keyword optimization.

keyword optimization

Target the right users with custom product pages

AI is heavily searched so why not promote it with a custom product page? For instance, someone searching for “AI map”, “AI art creator” or “ai-like” can see Picsart’s AI-focused product page. Since it shows exactly what the user is looking for, it wouldn’t be surprising if this particular product page gets more downloads, right?

Using the new CPP Intel tool you can discover your competitors paid keyword themes and creative assets. You don’t need to spend hours thinking about what works and doesn’t. You can leverage your competitors’ A/B testing and reduce your costs. 

You can sign up for free or schedule a call with our experts to learn more about how you can increase your organic performance.