The mobile market expansion makes it harder for any app to improve its ranking since an increasing number of apps are also trying to rank for a certain keyword. Optimizing an app’s keywords may tend to get difficult on its own since there are at least hundreds of keywords to choose and compare.

When you realize that you also have to consider how your competitors have been building up their strategy to identify which keywords to go for and which ones to let go, the process gets even more complicated. Well, our new Keyword Density tool is here to make this process much easier..

So, without further ado, meet the brand new keyword density feature.

Keyword Selection Just Became Easier

While conducting keyword research, you will have already used several tools to check out, compare, add and eliminate many keywords to obtain an almost finalized keyword list. Once you have your list, by easily accessing the Keyword Density module from the Keyword Optimization page, you can begin testing any keyword of your choice.

Let’s take Clash Royale as an example app. Clash Royale was quite a popular and top charting app for a long time and still is performing well in a highly competitive category. This means that there are many player vs player strategy games that are competing to rank for the same keywords, and there is only room for a few apps in top results. 

As an ASO manager, it is easy to get overwhelmed in the ocean of keywords and narrow it down to a strategic keyword pool to test on your metadata. It also becomes easier to lose track of certain important keywords your competitors are targeting while reviewing several tools. That’s when the keyword density module comes in handy. 

Here, we can review all of Clash Royale’s competitors and their titles and see what is the trending focus regarding the target keywords. This popup helps us identify which keywords are targeted within the app titles of Clash Royale’s competitors and how frequent the use is. This is quite valuable information. Because even if your app’s metadata keywords can be performing well in terms of search traffic and your chance to be top ranking for them can be high, if you miss out on the competing apps’ strategy, your app might not even make it to the search results.

Optimize With Ease

While deciding on the keywords, you would definitely want to see a short list of highly important keywords to be able to select one and begin testing immediately. With our new tool, you can sort the keywords in descending density order to narrow down your options and identify the important keywords at first glance. 

Note that this is a density average of 10 tracked competitors and among the top 4 keywords, there are two generic ones. We may not want to consider the keyword ‘mobile’ since it is too broad to be in title (once we check the total number of apps ranking for this keyword). Moreover, ‘pvp’ keyword may not totally reflect our app’s function but if we still want to rank for this just like our competitors, we can use it in a different metadata spot such as App Store Connect Keywords. On the other hand, ‘clans’ and ‘battlelands’ may not be brand keywords for the apps Clash of Clans and Battlelands Royale but still resemble those specific apps upon search so we may pass on from them as well. So let’s scroll down the list a bit further.

Clash Royale is briefly a strategic battle game where you build your clan, army or kingdom and fight against another player. Let’s go for those keywords. Notice how we managed to remain within the title character limit and go above average by covering two more keywords with the addition of ‘battle’ and ‘kingdom’. Being able to see your competitors’ target trends and the character limit you have for the test you’re making, will definitely increase your testing speed and coverage instantly. 

Once we test a new title, we can also compare our current title and the draft we are working on against the competitive average either by count or density. Not to mention the easy identification of which keyword(s) we fall short on coverage and being able to track them directly. 

You may wonder what comes after we select some keywords for testing and try them out. From the keyword table provided on the right hand side of the page, we will also be able to keep track of our progress in terms of keyword coverage and missing keywords.

Our draft app is currently named Clash Royale Battle Kingdom and it is quite easy to see how our keyword coverage increased immediately with just one test. Imagine all the keywords you can test while also reviewing your competitors’ target keywords, positioning your metadata keywords against their average and observing the changes in your target keyword coverage without any delay. 

You can think of the Keyword Optimization page with the brand new keyword density module as a personal assistant that will help you out through your decision-making process by gathering the vital information you need and presenting it to you in an actionable and easy-to-interpret manner. 

Keyword Optimization Enhanced:

  • Test various keywords before releasing a version update, bypassing trial and error
  • Observe important metrics in a single view with the new Keyword Density Tool
  • Instantly see which keywords you are missing when you make changes
  • Improve your strategy by utilizing your competitors keywords
  • Do not waste any time going back and forth between pages with our intuitive dashboard

Check out our Keyword Optimization tool for more detailed information. 

Our primary goal is to assist you in any possible way to succeed with your app, so if you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you out. If you would like to learn more about how to make the most of our ASO Intelligence tool, feel free to schedule a demo with our experts today!