We are excited to announce that the highly-demanded Keyword Gap is now live!

With Keyword Gap, you can now analyze your organic keywords with your competitors’ keywords together. All you have to do is select the competitor you want to compare your performance against and you’ll see all the common and unique keywords you both organically rank for. 

Keyword Gap
Keyword Gap

You can easily identify the mutual and unique keywords based on the following metrics and optimize your organic acquisition strategy:

  • Total Apps ranking for the keyword 
  • The chance score of the keyword
  • The Search score of the keyword
  • Your and Your Competitor’s Organic Ranking 

You can also save the CSV version of the table for further analysis. 

Here is how Keyword Gap will help you:

  • See how you stack up against the competition and optimize your keywords
  • Save time by conducting competitor analysis on one page 
  • Adjust the country and measure how your performance changes for different storefronts

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