Keyword Optimization is a must to improve your organic rankings. But spending hours on it is a choice. 

Let us show you a better option. 

With our upgraded keyword tools, you can save time from chasing keywords and accelerate your campaign expansion. With heavy-lifting out of the picture, you can focus on your copy, creatives and campaign strategy.

Here are your new assistants and what you do with them:

  • Perform bulk actions for your tracked keywords and manage your dataset 
  • Filter your tracked keywords by search, chance and difficulty scores to find the most promising keywords. 
    • Search Score indicates the popularity of the keyword.
    • Chance Score shows how easy it is to rank in the top ten for the keyword
    • The difficulty score measures how hard it is for your app to rank at the top for the keyword.
  • Automatically translate your entire keyword set for another country 

Bulk Actions

It’s difficult to track hundreds of keywords. Yet you still need to be able to segment them by tags or groups. It would take hours, right?

Not anymore. We updated our Keyword Tracking tool to save you time. 

Now, you can bulk edit keywords and ease your workload.  

Auto-translate Keywords

Localization is a must when marketing your app in several countries. It will help you better target the local audience and improve your organic rankings and downloads. 

But, how can you translate thousands of keywords? 

You have two options:

  1. Hire a localization agency
  2. Do it in-house 

It’ll take days to translate all your keywords if you’re doing it in-house. And let’s face it, it’s not something your employees love doing.

Now, you have an alternative. You can automatically translate your entire keyword set with our new auto-translate feature. 

All your keywords will be translated into your desired language in a few clicks. You can focus on more strategic tasks instead of spending hours on something you can complete in seconds. 

Filter and Find the Most Promising Keywords 

Which keywords are popular and easy to rank? Which keywords work for your app? You probably have ideas, but you can use search, chance, and difficulty scores to validate and identify expansion opportunities. 

Finding high-intent keywords with a data-driven process was already good, but getting results in much less time has to feel much better. 

Sign up free now and optimize your keywords with our time-saving tools.