The app market is huge with millions of users all around the world. With such big audiences, you can not expect your campaign to have the same performance everywhere. By researching and targeting related keywords in local languages, you can increase your rankings in different locations. Keyword translation is a critical part of this process.

Even if you might feel like English is spoken by everyone, this is not the case. There are many people who do not understand English or speak the language efficiently. And for people who can’t speak English, seeing an app in their native language is much likely to give a stronger impression, which would lead to a high likelihood of downloading.

User experience is one of the top priorities at MobileAction. We do not only want to provide the best app marketing intelligence products in the world, but we want them to be intuitive too. That is why we are constantly working on our dashboard to improve your experience. 

With our new translation module, you will be able to conduct your keyword translation in a much more efficient way. Google Translate is now integrated with our Keyword Intelligence tools such as Keyword Spy, Keyword Research, and Keyword Explorer. Users are now able to see the translation of keywords long before they track them. This way you can track only those keywords that are relevant to your app and conduct optimization. 

Let’s look at a simple demonstration to see how the translation module will make your ASO localization a simpler task.

How Will It Make Your Life Easier?

Let’s assume that you’ve got a task to localize a great meditation app such as Headspace for Japan. First of all, we would take a look at our competitors’ keywords in Japan. For this example, we chose Meditopia as our primary competitor. When we look at the Localization tab in our ASO Intelligence tool, we are presented with the following screen:

Localization for Headspace and Meditopia

We can see that Meditopia has localized its app for Japan. Their app title, subtitles, and even creatives are optimized for the region. Now we want to optimize our app Headspace just like Meditopia did.

As a first step, we head over to the Keyword Spy tool to see the keywords that Meditopia is using and/or ranking in Japan.

Keyword Spy for Meditopia

First of all, we choose the country we want to target with localization. In this case, that country is Japan. When we toggle our switch for the Translation Module, you can see that the translations of each word appeared just underneath them. Previously, you would have to look at all these keywords, put them on a spreadsheet, translate them, and then decide if they are relevant to your app. Only then you could add these keywords to your tracking list and start optimizing.

With this update, you will be able to see the translations of keywords directly. You can immediately decide whether the Japanese keyword is related to your app or not in seconds thanks to the translation under the keyword. Let’s choose the keywords Meditation, Relax, Sleep, and Mind and add them to our list. 

As mentioned above, the Translation Module is available for several tools in our ASO Intelligence product. After taking a look at our competitor, now we can also conduct keyword research to find related keywords to our seed word.

translation module
Keyword Research for Meditopia

We chose “瞑想 (meditation)” as our seed keyword and switched on the Translation Module. We are presented with related Japanese keywords. As they are instantly translated, we are able to discriminate the keywords that are related to our app from those that are not relevant. After taking a look at the suggested keywords from different batches such as Apple Auto Fill, Google Play Suggestions, Similar Keywords, we have decided to pick マインドフルネス (mindfulness), 瞑想無料, (meditation free), 瞑想アプリ (meditation app) and added them to our Keyword Tracking list.

If you would like to learn more about how to spy on your competitors’ keywords and find the new keyword suggestions, check out our post about Keyword Spy and Research feature.

As you can see, only those keywords that are related to our app have been added to the tracking list. Everything is ready for optimization!

Final Tip

Online translation has come a long way. Today it is more accurate with not only simple phrases, but even with complex sentences. Still, a touch of a native has the potential to improve your ASO even more.

Sometimes words have formal and informal variants. Or some words might not be culturally appropriate. This is why app agencies or a native person can be helpful in your localization efforts (especially translation). However, you still need to provide that person with a pool of relevant, high performing keywords. That is why our Translation Module will become an invaluable asset, making your localization efforts more efficient than ever.

If you want to learn more about ASO and localization, sign up for a free demo and let us show you the power of the MobileAction ASO Intelligence product!