Blog [Product Update] SDK Intelligence is now available!

[Product Update] SDK Intelligence is now available!

This has got to be one of the most requested features we’ve had from not only our paying users but also potential clients. It may have taken awhile, but as the saying goes, good things take time.

Thanks to our amazing engineering team, even while busy revamping our Market Intelligence tool, they pumped out a new feature. SDK Intelligence, is live and ready for you to use.

Head on over right now to our dashboard to see all the various SDKs, apps are using currently. Through hard work and long hours, we’ve created an algorithm that decompiles each app into the various SDKs it is made up of.

We’ve broken up the various SDKs being used by an app into multiple categories. These include but aren’t limited to, ‘Advertisement, App Market, Development Aid, Game Engine’ etc.

You can see an example below of Helix Jump, a gaming app by Voodoo. We’re presented with a list of SDKs they’re using, grouped on the basis of what each SDK is used for.

Here’s another example, to showcase some other categories of SDKs that appear with our tool. This is a game called AMAZE!, by Crazy Labs. Here we can see what Game Engine as well as Mobile Analytics SDKs are being used by this app.

As the feature is still in Beta, we currently only offer the option to view SDKs for Android apps. However, over time, we will be increasing the number of apps as well as expanding our outreach to iOS.

Some other future updates we will be launching regarding SDK Intel include SDK history, in the form of an update timeline for each app. You’ll be able to see changes that are made in terms of which SDK an app is using, following each update for that respective app.

For all of you Ad networks, App developers or simply SDK fanatics, this tool is for you. As mentioned above, since the feature is in Beta, please bear with us and pardon any dust.

We would love for you to go to our dashboard right now and test it out. Please share any and all feedback you may have regarding the tool.

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