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Over the past couple of months, we have been constantly adding new features and products to our dashboard. While this is something absolutely awesome, the dashboard has become quite full of new features. That’s why we have decided to launch our official Mobile Action free trial option for every single tool we provide.

As a result, you will be able to test out every single feature we provide on our dashboard and understand how to use every single tool to its fullest. Combined with our superb customer success team, you’ll most surely get the most out of the free trial and hopefully join the family.

So, let’s have a look at which tools you can start the trial for and what benefits they will bring to you.

ASO Premium

You can test out every tool under the ASO Premium package. The ASO Premium Package gives you access to ASO Report, Keyword Intelligence, App Update Timeline, and Localization.

ASO Report

See the full list of keywords that any app in the market ranks for with a top 1, top 5, top 10, top 50, top 250 breakdowns. Make data-driven decisions while choosing the best keywords for your app.

ASO Report Free Trial

ASO Report provides:

  • Your app’s visibility score
  • For how many keywords that an app has ranked in top 1, top 5, top 10, top 50 and top 250 today
  • A historical keyword ranking graph for the past one week
  • Detailed list of ranked keywords with search score, chance score, total apps and today’s/yesterday’s ranking metrics
  • CSV Export
  • Supported for +75 countries
  • Available for any app in the market

Keyword Intelligence

Get the list of best-performing keywords for your app, see the percentage download you get from each. Use the Keyword Intelligence together with other ASO tools in order to find the best keywords that would boost your download and manage your keyword-based advertising campaigns.

Keyword Intelligence Free Trial

Keyword Intelligence provides:

  • The list of keywords with the download percentage that each keyword drives to your app
  • Search score, chance and total apps metrics for each keyword
  • CSV Export
  • Supported for +75 countries
  • Available for any app in the market

App Update Timeline

See the historical updates for any app in the market. Get any detail about the updates of your competitors, track the changes and understand how they’ve affected the app’s growth.

App Update Timeline Free Trial

The update details include:

  • Screenshots, App icon, App title, Description
  • What’s new, Top IAP, Install Range, Similar Apps
  • Rating Count, Average Rating, Rating Count for the current version, Average Rating for the current version
  • Version, File size, URL address, etc.


Get an overview of which ASO elements of an app have been localized in different countries. Compare your app with the competitors, understand which countries are targeted by the competitors and find effective localization strategies.

Localization Free Trial

Localization provides:

  • If the app title or description was localized in each country
  • The localized app title, description, screenshots for each country
  • Rating count, rating, category ranking and overall ranking in each country
  • Supported for +75 countries

Market Intelligence

Increase your knowledge of the market and understand where you stand in the competition. Track the trends and sudden changes in the download numbers of competitors and determine your strategy accordingly.

Market Intelligence Free Trial

With market intelligence, you will get:

  • Top apps for each country and category
  • Historical data for the download and revenue numbers of competitor apps
  • Historical data for the DAU/MAU of competitor apps
  • Audience Geography of the apps
  • Supported for all categories and +25 countries


Ad Intelligence

Get the Top Advertisers and App Analysis for any app that is running ads on Facebook, AdMob, Vungle and Unity Ad Networks!

Ad Intelligence Free Trial

With Ad Intelligence, you can:

  • Get a list of top advertisers for each Ad Network,
  • See the company of the advertiser, the number of ad networks they’re on, creative count, category, and impression score.
  • Analyze each campaign by seeing the ad details such as the type, network, content, duration and impression share of the ads.
  • View their creatives and see which creative sets are the most successful ones.

Overall, we are quite happy with the pace of new additions to the Mobile Action dashboard. As I’m writing this article, countless new features are being worked on. We hope that anyone who’s interested in marketing their apps and achieving success will give Mobile Action a chance to prove its usefulness. You can start your 7-day free trial anytime you want and get unlimited access to Mobile Action. Thank you for reading!

Mobile Action Team

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