Blog Updates to Market Intelligence and a Brand-New Feature!

Updates to Market Intelligence and a Brand-New Feature!

Hey there! As we have been meticulously developing our product these days, we are happy to come back with the announcement of a set of new features around our Market Intelligence tool.

Previously, the Market Intelligence consisted of two main sections, namely the App Analysis and the Top Apps features. These were providing our users information about a particular app’s performance in the market such as their Download and Revenue estimates and their Daily and Monthly Active Users.

App Analysis Market Intelligence

These estimates were already based on a machine learning algorithm, depending on the limited precise data that we have access to. This precise data was provided to us by our precious clients, who had been integrating their developer accounts to Mobile Action‘s dashboard.

Depending on that data, we estimated much of the market’s other apps’ data with high accuracy; but the good news is that it is more accurate now! Since our training algorithms are procedurally making the estimation systems to be more accurate, we are now able to estimate the Download/Revenue numbers and DAU/MAU numbers much better. Enjoy!

Besides that, we have gone on a change with our Top Apps page as well. We have revamped the page to reflect the best-performing apps with their download numbers in a chart so that you can have a better picture of the competition at the top charts.

Top Apps Market Intelligence

Last, but not least, we have a brand new feature we call as ‘Store Analysis’ added to Market Intelligence now! In the Store Analysis section, you can reach to an estimated number of total downloads and revenues in each app store, and you can filter these values based on countries, categories, devices, and dates. Real good part is that now you can select multiple categories and countries so that you can compare the status of different countries simultaneously.

Store Analysis Market Intelligence

This update in the country filtering is also applied to App Analysis section of the Market Intelligence. From now on, you can select multiple countries to compare an app’s estimated Download, Revenue, DAU and MAU numbers between different countries.

Hopefully, with these brand new features, you’ll be able to analyze the market status much more easily and accurately!

See you next time, we wish Y’all happy analyses!

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