Blog Ad Analysis: Tile Master - Classic Match

Ad Analysis: Tile Master – Classic Match

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Have you ever heard of the saying that three is a crowd? Today, we are going to clean up the threes with a match-three puzzle game called Tile Master and talk a little about their paid mobile app user acquisition strategies. 

Let’s start by stating that they are among the top advertisers list for the last month in the Apple App Store. So get ready, we have a juicy case for today’s Ad Analysis. However, before we dive into their paid campaign strategies, I must introduce you to the game itself. 

mobile app user acquisition
Top Advertisers

The App Profile

As we mentioned above, it is a match-three puzzle game. It offers features such as multiple layouts, theme choices, and a challenging arcade mode. Moreover, they are presenting these features properly in their screenshots. That is, in order of importance and with catchy designs. 

Let’s take a look.

mobile app user acquisition
Screenshots of Tile Master

As you can see, their screenshots explain their value propositions but there is not a video preview for their game in the Apple App Store. It would have been a nice touch if they would give their possible iOS users the chance of taking a glance at their game. 

Here is their video preview for Google Play Store. 

Video Preview of Tile Master

As seen, they are successfully narrating their game by providing some real game displays. And with calming music of course. It is one of the incontestable approaches for mobile app user acquisition strategies. You should also implement it in your video previews and video creatives. Also, tracking your competitors’ ads would be a wise choice to keep up with the trends. In this sense, you could utilize our mobile Ad Intelligence to never miss a competitor’s ad creative again

Paid Mobile App User Acquisition Efforts of Tile Master – Classic Match

mobile app user acquisition
Distribution of Ad Networks

Tile Master – Classic Match is ranking 10th in overall Advertising and working with 15 mobile ad networks to run their ads on. As seen above, Admob is Tile Master’s leading ad network.

On the other hand, Mintegral is on the rise and placing second on the list. Furthermore, their ad publisher count is over 15k and they published 1000  creatives during August 2021. 500 of their creatives are still active. 

mobile app user acquisition
Overview of Tile Master’s Ad Creative Numbers

You may be wondering why these are important. Fair wondering.

A fair response to this question would be this: App competitor analysis is the prerequisite for successful mobile marketing. Your competitors are working on their strategies just like you, and they are testing new methods just like you. Which ad network brings in more users? Which kinds of creatives are attracting people more? They are all trying to find answers to these questions. 

With our Ad Intelligence tools, you will be able to see their answers when or even before they find them. Because two heads are better than one, right? Who said one of these heads cannot be your competitor’s?

After you get a general understanding of your competitors’ user acquisition strategy for apps, you can move onto analyzing their ad creatives.

Mobile Ad Creatives

Let’s begin with a graphic for Tile Master’s audience distribution. As you can see, English is not the primary language for most of these countries. 

However, Tile Master seems to run ads almost merely in English. This is a problem even if you are the monopoly in your category. It is a bigger problem if you are not, and your competitors such as Toon Blast are localizing their ads.

Now, let’s take a look at their ad creatives. 

As seen, these creatives are the same except for the placement of the writing.

“Only 5% of the people can find 6 items” 

Is this based on research or is it just a challenge statement to make you download the app? Either way, this is an approach, they often use in their mobile app advertisement strategies. Let’s see other examples. 

They are simply showcasing their real gameplay. Find three fruits that are the same kind, collect points, and enjoy the game. Simple advertising. 

And again, we have a tempting statement in the video. Your brain probably is not 100 years old but there is no harm in proving yourself, is there?

Here, we have almost the same video creative above. Even the fruits and their popping order are the same. What is the meaning of it, right? Well, as you can see this video is looking like an oil painting while the one above is digital. Meaning that Tile Master is testing the taste of their audiences to bombard them with the right kind of ad creatives. 

Remember simple advertisement is the best advertisement. However, finding the right simplicity takes a little time. Don’t be afraid to test new methods. 

Didn’t you like popping the fruits? Tile Master has a video creative for you, too. Here they are showcasing another theme that you can play. Ball types from various sports waiting for you to pop them up. Although the gameplay remains the same as the other theme, this ad creative might attract users that other creatives could not. 

Keep in mind that there are several user types and you need to address all of them in your mobile app user acquisition strategies.

Search Ads Strategies

Now, we are going to analyze their Apple Search Ads strategies. However, even just by looking at the stats above, we can tell that we have a bizarre situation. 

Ads of Tile Master are currently appearing only for 49 paid keywords. They are currently running Apple Search Ads in 36 different countries.

They also have a low Search Ads Visibility score. This means that the low number of paid keywords is complemented with low impression shares. Let’s see if this is really the situation for Tile Master.

As you can see, these keywords are neither the best generic keywords nor the best defining. Plus, the impression share of Tile Master is pretty low for these keywords. However, it seems like Tile Master started its Apple Search Ads journey by securing its base. 

As you can see their impression shares are at the top of the heap for their own brand keywords.

As you would agree, the keyword selection of Match Master 3D is a lot more extensive. Users who want to play match-three games will most likely search for these keywords instead of “Nokia games”. 

This is their current situation yet, in the near future, we can see Tile Master increasing its keyword range like its competitors and getting high impression shares. What they need is the right approach to find the best keywords for their paid marketing campaigns. 

But, how can one find these keywords? Without data, all we have is our assumptions. 

“This keyword seems popular.” 

“There is probably low competition for that keyword.”  

This is not how successful marketing would sound, right? Instead, you should utilize our Search Ads Intelligence to find keywords based on data, not assumptions. 

Schedule a demo with our experts, and learn what you can accomplish with our tools, now!

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