In this blog post, we show you the capabilities of MobileAction’s App Store Optimization data for App Stores via API, and how yellowHEAD’s platform implements it to provide in-depth ASO analytics. We also go over the benefits of our API access and give you some of the many use cases for it.

“Working with MobileAction and their team has been great! If we need something that they do not have at a given moment, all we have to do is inform them, and they quickly provide us with what we need to achieve our goals.”

– yellowHEAD Team

If this is your first time discovering API capabilities, API (Application Programming Interface) simply enables two different systems to communicate with each other. Think of it as the messenger that delivers a letter of request and the reply between two parties. APIs possible uses know no boundaries, and they come in handy in lots of cases such as the one when you need to extract data from a specialized platform and use it in the shape you like.

At MobileAction, we provide API access for all our ASO and Market Intelligence data for both, Apple App Store and Google Play Store (worldwide). Our users have been able to create tailored solutions for themselves as well as their clients with the help of the easily integratable API accessed data. yellowHEAD, as you’ll read about in detail below, has utilized our API to provide an exceptional platform for their partners.

What data is accessible with MobileAction’s API?

With our API, users have access to a plethora of difficult to obtain data. Actually, you can have access to all the data accessible through our platform, for all Apps and across 81 Countries! Including but not limited to; Metadata, Keyword ranking history, Reviews and Ratings, Suggested Keywords, Suggested Competitors, Category Ranking history, Downloads & Revenue estimates, Daily & Monthly active users and Audience Geography.

MobileAction API use cases

How this data ought to be used, depends entirely on what you, the user, is looking to achieve with it. Our current API users include Developers, Market Analysts, App Marketers & ASO Specialists who access our data for very different reasons. Whether you’re:

  • -Looking to create entirely new software for ASO needs
  • -Seeking to integrate our data to already existing software on your end
  • -Working with a variety of apps and bulk data to report and measure their global performance in the app stores
  • -Simply trying to look for opportunities in the market by identifying and analyzing the app stores for trends

You’ll find our API extremely useful!

The yellowHEAD Analytics Platform

yellowHEAD’s analytics platform is an excellent example of what you’re able to achieve with the help of API access. yellowHEAD is a performance marketing company providing App Store Optimization (ASO) services for over 6 years, making them one of the pioneers in the industry. yellowHEAD has evolved to become a leading ASO and performance marketing service provider, always staying one step ahead with advanced technological tools.

As part of their service, yellowHEAD offers its partners a very comprehensive and completely customizable analytics platform called yellowHEAD Analytics. yellowHEAD Analytics allows developers to see data for their entire marketing activity (paid UA, ASO, SEO) in one place with intuitive user experience. For the ASO section of the analytics platform, yellowHEAD pulls data from Google Play Developer Console and App Store Connect, along with keyword ranking data from MobileAction, for a full overview and in-depth analysis of all the relevant KPIs for ASO. 

To display the capabilities of the data we provide through API, we’ll be going over some of the data visualizations they provide. yellowHEAD’s platform is an ideal example of creating a piece of software from scratch, with the help of MobileAction’s API data.

1.Ranking Overview – Localization

yellowhead analytics platform
The yellowHEAD Analytics Platform

The screenshot above is from a section titled “Ranking Overview – Localization” on yellowHEAD Analytics and it allows yellowHEAD to keep track of an app’s performance in different countries.

To create all the graphs and charts that you see above, various data from features found on MobileAction’s dashboard under ASO Intelligence have been extracted with the help of API calls. The data extracted has then been shaped and arranged to be better suited for yellowHEAD’s needs. As the API ensures that the data is updated automatically on a regular basis, yellowHEAD is able to display the latest Keyword data fetched from our dashboard, constantly.

This section from yellowHEAD Analytics also depicts how flexible our data is and open to tailoring. It shows that users utilizing our data can also mold it to create insights that they or their clients are interested in but that are not readily available on our dashboard. Making this an exceptionally desirable aspect for agencies.

For instance, the following screenshot shows clearly how after making API calls and accessing the data, yellowHEAD was able to assign ranges to Search Scores of keywords. All of which is then displayed on a pie chart for their own clarity. Here, ‘Low’ refers to keywords with a search score of less than 12, ‘Medium-Low’ shows those with a search score from 12 to 19, ‘Medium’ is 20 to 40, ‘High’ is 40 to 60 and ‘Very High’ are those keywords with search scores of above 60.

yellowhead search volume of ranked keywords
Search Volume of Ranked Keywords

Another example in this section of how our API gives you permission to go beyond our tool to fulfill your needs, can be seen under Keyword Stats and #KWs in Top Positions (for the past 7 days) as highlighted in the screenshot below. Here, yellowHEAD, using the already existing data provided by MobileAction, calculates what the ‘Median Ranking’ and ‘Median Search Volume’ is, for all the ranked keywords of an app in the past 7 days. After having pulled data for an app, such as, number of ranked keywords and their ranking from MobileAction, they were able to create this insight that shows an app’s performance on a more macro level.

yellowhead localized keyword status
Localized Keyword Status Overview

For the remaining 3 graphs in this section, yellowHEAD accesses data from MobileAction’s ASO report as well as the full listings for all countries. After extracting the data, they are able to create these graphs as can be seen in the screenshots below.  The data has been visualized so that the user can see a bigger picture of the app’s overall performance in App Store by showing #Top 10 Rankings by Geo, KWs by Rank Positions (Monthly) and KWs by Rank Positions (Weekly).

yellowhead top 10 rankings by geo
Top 10 Rankings by Geo
keyword positions-monthly
Keyword Rank Positions

2. Analysis of Targets

yellowhead analytics platform
The yellowHEAD Analytics Platform

This section of yellowHEAD Analytics accesses data from the ASO Intelligence product that helps the user narrow down and identify which keywords should be targeted more aggressively. Here you’ll see the frequency for title and description for all the targeted keywords from the list of keywords being tracked on MobileAction. This shows if the keyword has been used in the title and how many times it has been used in the description, if at all.

They were able to create this section with the help of API calls to extract all of the keywords being tracked on MobileAction, full listings per Country and data that is used to make up ‘Keywords by Description’ under Keyword Tracking on our dashboard to show the density of a keyword in an app’s description. With the help of these, they’re able to display how many times a particular keyword exists in that country’s listing, broken down by title and description. This is then plotted on a graph to see the frequency with which keywords have been targeted and the ranking of an app for it, which is shown below by the Y-axis and the X-axis respectively.

KW frequency in listings KW rank position
The Relationship Between KW Frequency in Listings and KW Rank Position

The size of the circle allocated for a keyword in the graph above depends on the number of search volume we provide yellowHEAD with, ranging from 1-100.

How does yellowHEAD make API calls?

As this ASO analytics dashboard functions by making API calls to our database in order to access our data, we would like to explain briefly how this process works. You may find this helpful if you’re looking to also access our API to create custom solutions for your needs in the App Stores.

In order to incorporate MobileAction’s data into the platform that they’ve created from scratch, they first had to start off by developing functions on Python that were capable of using our APIs. These functions are then used to extract the data that yellowHEAD is interested in and then separate it from our UI (User Interface).

Each of their ASO dashboard sections requires the extraction of a variety of data from several different places from our platform’s dashboard. A few examples of which are: Keyword Rankings, App Listing Reports, Keyword List Reports, for all countries. To accomplish this, they have to use a process called ETL (Extract Transform Load).

To initiate this process, they first Extract the API data before Transforming it, so that they are able to load it into one big summary table in their Data Warehouse. During the above-mentioned transformation step of the process, yellowHEAD uses a complex SQL (Structured Query Language) combined with JavaScript functions before Loading it on Google BigQuery.

After having loaded it to the summary table, they then make use of it as the data source connected to their MA dashboards. This data is updated daily. Once they have the data for keywords and app stores, they are then able to create new fields on their end, such as: Frequency amounts, number of keywords improved this month versus last month and more, as you’ve already seen above.

Benefits of using MobileAction’s API

Fetching and storing such large amounts of data from App Stores is not cheap! More importantly, a whole lot of time, resources and work goes into developing ASO and keyword metrics like Search Score, Chance, Popularity, etc. For insightful features found on our dashboard, like Keyword Intelligence (shows the number of downloads an app is getting from a keyword) or ASO Report (analyze the overall ASO health of an app), it certainly takes a lot more. 

Our API access allows to pull data that fulfills certain and specific criteria with ease. From pulling the latest bad reviews in order to analyze how a certain app can improve its retention to fetching keywords that an app is ranking in the top 10 for multiple days to see which keywords an app needs to focus on, it’s all possible with our API. Moreover, by using our API, yellowHEAD also ensures that this data is consistently updated. As a result, yellowHEAD is always working with the latest data on our platform.

Therefore, opting to make use of MobileAction’s API turns out to be a lot more efficient than having to fetch data from app stores and create such unique features with the help of it. The data received from MobileAction is also more accurate as it is trusted by over 300,000+ customers from over 65 countries across the globe. This is because we’ve now been one of the top names in the ASO industry for many years, constantly updating our algorithms and adding new features to our dashboard.

Looking for bulk ASO intelligence data?

If you’re:
– An ASO expert looking to improve your results.
– Market Researcher trying to report and measure apps’ global performances in the app stores.
– Looking to create your own tailored ASO tool or integrate our data to already existing software currently in your use.
-A publisher that needs to get the data for all of your apps into your internal system automatically.
-Even a simple app developer that needs to automate the data flow.

Feel free to reach out to our support team through the live chat or write to us at [email protected] and we’ll be able to provide you the API data you’re looking for.

We’ll help you regarding any questions or queries that you might have and also assist you in assessing your needs to find you an API plan that will work best for you if needed.

Want to have a look at the data you will be able to access with our API?

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