Mojo Insta Story Editor is a rising star in the  App Store this week. Snow in the air, cheer in people’s hearts, and beautiful holiday decorations, meals, and family members around. This is certainly a season that people love to share with their Instagram followers. On top of that, brands getting into their holiday marketing need to be posting to social media frequently to keep up with the holiday hustle. 

Before their recent and sharp climb this week, they had another small peak around thanksgiving, suggesting that it is indeed the holiday season that has given them this extra push in downloads. However, Mojo Insta Story Editor is not the only story editing app, so why Mojo, and why such a swift spike? 

mojo downloads spikes

Let’s take a look at what Mojo is doing to rise so quickly to the top of the App Store charts.


The application has the slogan “Create stunning Video Stories”. It allows you to choose from animated templates, add your media and text and is extremely customizable. There is no login required, and you can share on any platform. The application offers hundreds of templates, text styles, colors, sizes, positions, alignments, and so on. The application is completely free but offers a pro version with some additional paid features. 

Their Creatives focus on these aspects and include testimonial style videos of “ordinary” people explaining the features of the app. They focus on the app having professional videos but being easy to use, very customizable, and show a live example of the app at work. 

Organic marketing from Instagram stories

The nature of the application is that the content produced will be shared via social media. This means they will get lots of free word of mouth advertising from everyday people using the app. When you post something to your story and it looks new, different, and chic, your friends will want to give it a shot as well. 

This means free marketing and marketing. Mojo is a “story editing app”. Narrowing down from video editing moves focus to the features and templates that translate well to this medium. An app like Canva needs to do so many things, people might not even think about it for their Instagram videos. This app picks a niche and has made a very well-received product that people want to share.

mojo reviews

The ratings this past month have been very positive. Indicating that not only are people downloading the product en mass but that they are happy with it as well. 

Apple Search Ads

Mojo Insta Story Editor had also been bidding on Apple Search Ads. They have the majority of the results for the keywords “Instagram story”, “Instagram stories”, and other variations on the same. However, the app Over: Graphic Design Maker is bidding higher on the search term “Mojo” than they are, getting more search results. 

mojo asa strategy

So What’s the Secret?

Mojo has a very specific product that they deliver on. They promise an animated Instagram story editor with extensive customization options and a professional result. That is a small enough category that they are able to do it well. Their reviews show that consumers are satisfied with the product. They advertise by showing the assets of their application. This, through screenshots, short videos, and customer review-style videos that show off the assets. This gives them the potential for rapid spread through word of mouth (or rather story). 

Mojo also uses Apple Search Ads. They have included the keywords “Instagram story” in their name to help with their ASO. They do this while having a memorable app name (Mojo). This lets them get both brand searches and “Instagram Story Editor” searches. 

All of these together with the right seasonal timing have helped propel the app up through the ranks. If you would like to see what else you can glean from Mojo’s activity or check out another competitor, sign up for a demo with us.