Every day there is a growing number of apps in market so it’s more important than ever to connect with potential customers in the right moments. Consequently, various strategies emerge for app marketers to achieve success and Apple Search Ads presents a great opportunity. Today, we will delve into the multi-placement ad strategy and explain why it should be your primary approach in 2024.

What are the 4 ad placements of Apple Search Ads?

Search result ads

You can reach customers through search results ads at the moment they are searching for apps to install. If a user searches on the App Store, your ad might show up at the beginning of their search results. This advertising strategy is highly targeted, engaging users who have actively picked up their device, launched the App Store, entered a search term into the search field, and executed a search. Reaching customers searching for a relevant term right at the moment they are looking to install.

Today tab ads

 When you launch the App Store, the Today tab is where customers start their journey. Consequently, advertising on the Today tab is beneficial for anyone looking to increase visibility by showcasing their app to as many visitors as possible. As you only pay when someone taps on your ad you can benefit from lots of free impressions for your app. This approach is especially powerful for boosting awareness around new content releases, special occasions, and seasonal campaigns.

Search tab ads

 Ads on the Search tab allow you to boost awareness and downloads by placing your app at the top of the suggested apps list. These ads reach users before they conduct specific searches, appearing prominently at the top of the suggested apps list on the Search tab. By appearing just before people search you can influence what they do next and potentially drive more searches of your brand.

Product page ads

Ads on product pages are displayed in the “You Might Also Like” section on the pages of other apps within the App Store. When setting up these ads, your ad can run across app categories, or you can refine the categories where it runs. This allows you to choose the where your ads will be shown, targeting categories or apps that align with your desired audience.

Why app marketers should consider a multi-placement ad strategy

We regard a multi-placement ad strategy as essential in 2024 for the following three reasons:

Increased visibility

Utilizing multi-placement ads expands your app’s visibility, introducing it to a wider audience. This strategy facilitates a broader awareness of your app, attracting users with different interests and building a diverse user base around it.

Increased scalability

Marketers are always looking for ways to expand their campaigns and while the volume of search terms on the App Store is vast, it’s important to look for opportunities outside of search results ads to scale that can support your search strategy. You might have built out your search strategy and are looking for new ways to grow, outside of adding new keywords. Exploring new ad placements can help boost visibility, potentially leading to more searches for your brand. It can also have an impact on your organic installs.

Increased efficiency

By strategically utilizing diverse ad placements and applying an effective approach, you can more efficiently direct users to your product page. Numerous marketers have noted lower CPAs and heightened brand recognition after launching multi-placement ads on Apple Search Ads. As you only pay for taps you are able to get lots of extra free impressions. By looking at a blended CPA across ad placements and monitoring the impact on organic you can see the significant impact of a multi placement approach.

Best practices on applying the multi-placement strategy

Our experts suggest these four tips for a successful strategy. They are based on their proven experiences in achieving good results.

  1. First and foremost, ads in search results are essential to capture existing demand. Without them, you risk overlooking users searching for keywords tied to your app, potentially missing out on tapping into pre-existing market demand. Thus, incorporating search results ads is often a key strategy in any ad placement plan, aiming to attract users actively looking for what your app offers.
  2. To enhance your search strategy further we recommend adding incremental budget to set up a Search tab campaign as your next step. When users navigate to the Search tab, it usually signifies a strong intention to find and download an app. Having your ads in both these placements, helps you capture the full spectrum of demand for your app, positioning it right where users are most likely to take action. This is a great place to start if you are testign out new ad placements for the first time or have a limited budget to test.
  3. Pairing a strong search strategy with ads on the Today tab can significantly boost brand recognition. As the Today tab is what users first see upon opening the App Store, it offers prime visibility. Advertising here can increase your brand’s exposure and familiarity, which can sway users’ decisions in your favor when they come across your app in search results. From personal experience, one client saw a noticeable improvement in search ad performance and brand awareness after advertising on the Today tab, leading to overall positive outcomes.
  4. Incorporating product page ads into your strategy offers additional advantages. These ads can place your app on the product pages of competitors or related apps, providing an opportunity for users to discover and learn more about your app. These users are still searching for information so it’s a great opportunity to connect with a highly engaged audience. This visibility, combined with the detailed information presented on various custom product pages, can positively affect users’ perceptions and encourage downloads.

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