It is hard to keep up with a competition you don’t know much about. That is why we want to track our competitors. We want to know what they are doing to increase app downloads and which mobile ad creatives they are using to attract more users. In this sense, from user acquisition managers to marketing artists, people are pondering over the best way to keep track of mobile ad creatives in the market.

You might even have tried some of the ineffective and inefficient ways of finding out the trends about mobile ad creatives. For instance, you relied on the Facebook library to optimize your mobile ad creatives. This method, for sure will give you an idea about the mobile ad strategies of your competitors. But what about the other ads that your competitors are running on different platforms? Facebook Ad library doesn’t cover those. So, you will be missing a great number of ads. 

Another way is that you open up 10 to 20 devices and play games hoping to see some ads of your competitors in between levels. Or you might try to trick the algorithm by searching for your competitors’ names, clicking on their names, and making yourself a target for their ads. 

These might seem like exaggerations however, these are the real stories that we came across. What a huge opportunity cost, right? You can accomplish a lot more if you just use our Mobile Ad Intelligence rather than coming up with creative and usually inefficient methods.

You too would want to build your mobile ad strategies in a more efficient way, wouldn’t you? If so, you came to the right place. In this blog post, we will demonstrate how you can use our Mobile Ad Intelligence to make this entire process automated. So instead of the leg-work, you can focus on things that really matter. 

Whenever your competitors release a new ad creative, you will be the first one to see it.  

Finding Competitors

Now, let’s assume that you are the User Acquisition Manager of GymShark Training: Fitness App. 

You spend serious amounts of time on optimizing your product page, prepared video previews, and visually engaging screenshots. Once you are ready for the potential users, you want to optimize your ad creatives too, don’t you? One of the best ways of doing so is to sniff the market, see how your competitors advertise their products. 

So let’s take a look at how you can find your competitors in an instant utilizing our Ad Intelligence. 

Do you specifically run ads for the iOS market? Or a certain region may be your main target market. In this case you, as the UA Manager of GymShark Training: Fitness App, would like to have a more focused approach on your market research, wouldn’t you?

As you can see above, with our Ad Intelligence, you can filter the markets, countries, mobile ad networks, and app categories. In this way, you can find your competitors, create a segment and save the results.  Once you do so, you will be able to see who are the Top Advertisers in your category. As these are the natural competitors of your app, you may want to add them to your favorites lists. You know the saying, keep your friends close but add your enemies to your favorite, don’t you?

Here, we are adding Fitness Coach: Home Workout, which we found via our Top Advertisers search, by Luni to our favorites. 

Now, why is this important? Because by doing so, we have created a shortcut for tracking them. Whenever we want to see what our favorite competitors are doing, all we have to do is to filter our search to favorite apps. Once we do so, we can always go to the Favorite Apps tab in our Ad Intelligence and get a quick overview of their activities. 

Be honest, this is a lot more convenient than the ways mentioned in the beginning, right? But wait, it gets better. 

Subscribe to your Competitor’s Mobile Ad Creatives

Now it is time for the magic of our Top Creatives tool. You can simply choose one of your favorite app segments and instantly view their creatives. You can sort these creatives either by release date, or estimated impressions. But wait, there is more.

We first filtered the market, then chose to focus on our favorite apps and their mobile ad creatives got listed below. Once we click the subscribe button, we will see a small window asking for our email. We can choose to be informed daily, weekly or monthly and the report will be sent to our mail address. 

The report can either be about our competitors’ top-performing creatives or their new creatives. Either choice has its own benefits and it is totally up to your mobile marketing goals. 

We may want to learn more about the successful methods our competitors used. Since it will help us advance our mobile user acquisition strategies. If so, the wiser choice will be tracking our competitors’ top-performing creatives. 

However, if we want to stay up-to-date, learn about the new trends, or get an insight into our competitors’ new advertising ways, we should go with the choice of new creatives. 

Don’t play checkers while your competitors are attacking you on a chessboard. Choose to be informed. Learn immediately about their new ways of ad creatives and react faster. 


  • Find your competitors in a breeze.

Knowing who to compete with will allow you to adjust your app user acquisition strategies to the market norms.  

  • No more wasting time on searching for competitors’ creatives!

You can say goodbye to the primitive practices to uncover creatives. Our Ad Intelligence will list you the creatives of your competitors in an instant. 

  • Easily keep abreast of your competitors’ new ad creatives.

By choosing the option of subscribing to a segment, you can get emails about your competitors’ latest ad creatives.

  • No more falling behind in the competition! 

Schedule a demo with our experts right away, and take advantage of our tools to get maximum growth.