Staying ahead of the competition is no easy feat. ASO and UA experts often face the intimidating task of sifting through a sea of data to enable sustainable app growth. If you are an ASO or UA expert, you probably find yourself in the same position, struggling to identify the factors driving changes in app performance, trying to understand KPI fluctuations and seeking strategies to outshine competitors. But fear not because MobileAction’s latest tool, Compass, is here to help you navigate, illuminate, and accelerate your app’s journey to success.

In this blog post, we’ll look into the use cases of Explore and discover how this powerful tool can help you make data-driven decisions for your app’s success. First, let’s quickly cover what Explore is and what it does.

The Power of Explore

Explore is a key component of Compass, designed to simplify competitive analysis and provide valuable market insights into the app ecosystem. Explore equips ASO experts and UA managers with the tools they need to gain a competitive edge. Users can easily and quickly obtain a summary of the latest updates on their own apps and their competitors’ apps on a daily basis on one dashboard. As an added benefit, it’s designed to ease your “exploration” journey. You’ll see numerous comparisons across various elements, such as in-app events and ad creative impression shares. Rather than trying to navigate many different pages and sources, you can quickly get redirected to the relevant detailed pages you wish to explore with a single click. You also have the option to export your analysis and easily share it with your team without the need to jump between tabs.

 Here are 5 use cases on some of the ways you can benefit from Explore:

1. Competitive Analysis through Category Ranking Analysis

Rankings play a critical role in user acquisition and significantly impact download numbers. Therefore, any app attempting to acquire more users should prioritize its rank position and strategies to enhance it. ASO experts can also better understand their app’s competitive landscape by analyzing category rankings. Benchmarking your app against competitors in your category is essential, as it helps in identifying trends that are crucial for optimizing your app’s performance.

Compass Explore allows you to understand your app ranking by helping you:

  • Track Competitor Rankings: Get a unified view, on one dashboard, of your app’s category ranking compared to competitors.
  • Identify Trends: Discover which categories your competitors excel in and optimize your strategy accordingly.

2. Competitive Analysis through App Update Timeline Analysis

Staying up-to-date with app updates is essential to understand the performance changes that are triggered with each update. Explore provides an app update timeline analysis that allows you to track both your app’s updates and those of your competitors. By understanding the timing and frequency of updates, you can adapt your strategy and respond with agility to your competitors’ moves.

App updates can significantly impact app performance. Compass Explore enables you to:

  • Track App Update Timeline: Monitor your competitors’ app update frequency and analyze its effect on their app’s growth.
  • Plan Your Updates: Gain insights into the timing and scope of updates that work best for your competitors and apply these learnings to your strategy.

Examining Temu’s update frequency suggests a strong commitment to keeping their app current, and their strategies seem to be working. When we look at the app update timeline table, it’s not hard to notice that Temu regularly updates its app more than its competitors. These updates enable Temu to provide a better user experience and signify Temu’s commitment to keeping its app stores up-to-date with the latest trends, seasonal changes, and more effective strategies. Compass Explore speeds up the process of gathering all this information about Temu while also assisting in identifying updates that work well and may benefit similar apps in the same category. Considering it is one unified dashboard, it is easier and faster to see and compare all the app updates. 


3. Competitive Analysis through Ad Intelligence Analysis

For UA managers looking to optimize ad creatives, Explore offers a great amount of insights. You can analyze the performance of the best-performing ad creatives of each competitor and correlate them with spikes in metrics like downloads, rankings, etc…. on a unified dashboard. This data empowers you to make informed decisions when creating future ad campaigns and creatives, ultimately improving your app’s visibility and user acquisition.

Here’s an example from the Gaming category, showcasing the ability to view and compare ad creative strategies on a single page with the specific apps we desire. Utilizing ad networks and impression share data provides insight into the kinds of creatives that perform better, offering the potential for implementation without requiring an extensive A/B testing process.

For mobile apps, first impressions matter; therefore, ad creatives have the utmost importance. Compass Explore empowers you to:

  • Analyze Ad Creatives: Find out which ad networks your competitors use to spread their creatives and which ones bring higher impressions. 
  • Identify Winning Strategies: Discover which ad creatives performed best for your competitors and adapt your approach accordingly.

4. Competitive Analysis through SearchAds Intelligence Keywords Impression Share Analysis

Keyword optimization is a critical aspect of Apple Search Ads. Compass Explore enables UA Managers to assess competitor actions on high-volume keywords that have brought visibility to the tracked app over the past 7 days.

Remember that you can see all your and competitors’ data on a single dashboard? This includes custom product pages as well. This section lets you quickly capture any compared app’s custom product page usage and impression shares and obtain country-specific insights. If you want more data on your app’s or your competitor apps’ custom product pages, you can also check Custom Product Page Intelligence, where you can analyze through apps, keywords or categories. 

Keywords are the backbone of ASO and UA. With Compass Explore, you can:

  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on your competitors’ high-volume keywords over the past week to stay competitive in the app market.
  • Take Easier and Faster Actions: You can track best-performing keywords’ paid impression shares, apply these insights easily to your Apple Search Ads strategy, and adjust your bids accordingly using Automations on MobileAction’s, the campaign management platform for Apple Search Ads.

5. Competitive Analysis through Brand Protection Analysis

Protecting your brand and maintaining a strong presence in the app market is vital. Explore offers brand protection analysis to help you monitor who is ranking for your brand keywords and safeguard your brand’s reputation. By gaining insights into your competitors’ interactions with your brand keywords, you can take proactive steps to uphold your brand’s integrity and ensure its continued visibility.

To enable brand keyword protection, Compass Explore offers insights into:

  • Brand Visibility: Monitor your competitors’ rankings on your high-search-volume brand keywords. Track keyword performance to identify if any competitors are outpacing your brand in search results.
  • Competitor Data: Discover your position for competitors’ brand keywords and secure your place in their search results. Identify your rankings to understand where you might appear when potential users search for those terms.

Consider the case of Headspace as an example. They’ve secured their position for brand keywords, ensuring that when someone searches for “Headspace,” their app appears at the top instead of their competitors. Maintaining a strong presence for these trophy keywords is a must to retain high-intent customers and convert those actively searching for your brand. Instead of individually tracking your brand’s position for each keyword across multiple storefronts, with a single click, you can switch between storefronts and track your brand’s position against multiple competitors at the same time, on a unified dashboard . This approach facilitates quicker actions and enables strategic brand protection.


Embrace the Future of Competitor and Market Analysis

Step into the simplified side of app market analysis with Compass Explore. Transform your strategy with streamlined, data-backed insights that empower you to stand out in the competitive app market. It’s more than just understanding the market – it’s about reshaping your app’s destiny with informed, bold decisions. 

Seize the opportunity to redefine your app’s success. Begin today by signing up for a free trial of Compass Explore and chart a course toward market dominance.