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Eylul Tolunguc
The above chart shows the Top 10 Education Apps Worldwide in March 2020 for the App Store, Google Play Store, and both stores combined....
Eylul Tolunguc
In our previous blog, we introduced you to our new Visibility Analysis Tool.Visibility Report provides you with an overall picture of the popularity of...
Mobile Action Team
Even if you might have made the best app, getting it to rise in the ranks of both app stores and stand out of...
Eylul Tolunguc
The above chart shows the Top 10 News Apps Worldwide in March 2020. News Break was the most downloaded app in the App Store...
Eylul Tolunguc
With coronavirus, people have been stuck at home. The new normal is online work and school but even with that, there’s still a lot...
Eylul Tolunguc
In today’s global app stores, positioning your app based on the local characteristics is becoming a necessity. In other words, a successful ASO strategy...
Pinar Guler
In our previous posts, we wrote about the updated Search Visibility Score to guide you better in your ASO journey. This time, we’ve come...
Mobile Action Team
In 2020, there are over 4.41 million apps listed on app marketplaces. At the same time, an average mobile device user downloads 11-20 apps....

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