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Claire McIntosh
Are you looking to invest in an app but you just don’t know where to start? It seems like every other week a new...
Mehmet Can Cavas
The latest update of the popular messaging app WhatsApp caused outrage all around the world. According to Forbes, WhatsApp will require users to accept...
Mehmet Can Cavas
Roblox is a name that many parents are familiar with. This game is a virtual universe where users can both play and create. As...
Claire McIntosh
Video editing apps are a rapidly evolving type of application. Though there has been a demand for them for over 10 years. (iMovie being...
Claire McIntosh
So what’s up with WhatsApp? You may have heard all the Buzz about the updates to WhatsApp’s privacy policy starting February 8th. The update...
Mehmet Can Cavas
Financial Technology (FinTech) apps are rapidly increasing their popularity.  Any app that makes financial processes easier is considered to be a FinTech app. We...
Mehmet Can Cavas
Trends continuously, change in the App Store. These include keywords, game types, and even the kind of ads that are used for in-game advertising....
Mehmet Can Cavas
Continuous development and optimization are the keys to success in the app business. This includes ASO, your advertisement campaign, and most importantly your product....

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