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Talip Sencan
Downloads start with visibility but end with your creative assets. You optimize your keywords, increase your visibility and organic rankings in app stores. However,...
Talip Sencan
From the moment Apple announced the changes that would come to the App Store at the WWDC, app marketers started looking for ways to...
Talip Sencan
In real life, Casinos use some simple but extremely effective tricks to pursue people in playing more. You can’t find clocks in Casinos. No...
Talip Sencan
Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping. Or when to go shopping. The answer to the second...
Eren Ethem
You probably have already heard of the South Korean series: Squid Games. It was #1 in 90 different countries on Netflix back in September....
Talip Sencan
We have recently been introduced to a digital medium of exchange that is decentralized and beyond the control of governments. This emerging development ushered...
Talip Sencan
If you are involved in any kind of user acquisition effort, you already know that measuring the effectiveness of different acquisition channels can be...
Talip Sencan
What is the one rule of Barney Stinson? No, the other one. The one that says, new is always better. Well, we don’t know...

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