Product Page Optimization has vivified the organic traffic and boosted organic conversion rates for sure. However, the feature is still new and needs some time to reach its maximum potential. That being said, you don’t have to wait for updates to lift your marketing game to the next level. Let us show you the MobileAction way of dealing with the current challenges of Product Page Optimization. 

3 Major Challenges of Product Page Optimization

Let’s first go over the 3 current challenges of PPO for iOS app marketers.

Current Settings of Product Page Optimization


First of all, concurrently Product Page Optimization allows one test at a time, which means that you need to run tests sequentially for new markets. 

For example, if you are marketing your app in the U.S, United Kingdom, Germany, and Turkey, you have to wait for your test in the U.S to start testing in other countries. As you very well know, testing won’t get you desired results in the first attempt, meaning that testing for several markets will take long months at best. And time waits for no one, especially in a market as dynamic as the mobile app market. 

Another challenge lies in the current system of running tests is that the test immediately ends if you release a new version of your app. It is a challenge because you have to be precise in your app update calendars since a little miscalculation can either delay the release of your new app version or end your testing which will kick you to the starting point. In other words, you will end up with a waste of time and money. 

Icon Testing


So yes, the testing process takes serious time for different markets, but icon testing can also be a little time-consuming.     

The issue here is that when you set up a test in Product Page Optimization, you already have an icon set as the default icon in the binary of the app. Therefore, when your test results come in and you want to replace your current app icon with the winning one, you need to release a new app version with the winning icon set as the default icon. 

This is to say that, in order to change your app icon you need two app version submissions and an a/b test in between to determine a winning icon. In short, you need weeks to optimize your app icon. 

Need for Large Sample Size 

Product Page Optimization is a wonderful tool for organic traffic yet you have to have large sample sizes to obtain accurate results. For example, you may run a test for weeks and yet your impression score might not reach the desired amount. In this case, the confidence level will be pretty low, so your inferences might be defective. Therefore, it is clear that you need to have some sort of side research for affirmation. Otherwise, the misleading result might hurt your conversion rates. 

The MobileAction Way

As explained above, time management and the need for large sample sizes are the main challenges with Product Page Optimization. So it is clear that app marketers need to plan ahead, build perfect timelines, and have a supportive research mechanism to successfully overcome this process. 

So let’s get acquainted with the MobileAction way, shall we?

Plan Ahead with our App Update Timeline 

App updates are significant for two reasons. First, they help you increase the user experience and better attract new users. And second, they help you stay relative in the competition. Thus, while your competitors are improving their apps or their marketing strategies, you cannot just sit back and watch your users go away. You need to respond to these changes. 

For this matter, our App Update Timeline gives you everything you need to plan ahead for building better marketing campaigns. 

App Update Timeline

You can see what your competitors have changed in their apps and when did they change. In this way, you can build your app update schedule based on solid ground instead of assumptions.

Take The Edge with our Creative Asset Hub

Testing icons seems challenging at the moment due to the inability to know what type of users are seeing your icon treatments. This will cause a drop in the confidence level of your tests so you won’t be able to fully rely on the result.

And we know that app icons are extremely important elements of product pages and play a significant role in driving organic traffic. 

Therefore, we cannot just say that it is a challenging aspect of Product Page Optimization at the moment so you should avoid icon testing. We aren’t here to address the challenges but to solve them. 

Creative Asset Hub

Our Creative Asset Hub is there for you to build a better app icon that will boost your organic downloads. You can filter the search by category, platform, date, and country to see the top-performing creatives and icons. In this way, you can conduct your own research, and determine what’s working with users in your category and what doesn’t. 

You will save time and money all while you are boosting your conversion rates, thanks to the effective research you made with our Creative Asset Hub. 

Focus Your Product Page Optimization with our Visibility Report

Product Page Optimization
Visibility Report

As explained earlier, Product Page Optimization does not allow you to run several tests for different markets at once, and, based on the certain percentage of your organic traffic you allocate to test, your treatments will be shown to the eligible users. For this matter, targeting the optimal markets for your app is crucial. 

The markets you are more visible are more likely to bring better results both during and after the tests. Why? Because in the markets you are not visible enough, your test results won’t have a high confidence level and the results of your tests will be seen by fewer users. And what’s the point of optimizing your product pages if your organic traffic is not sufficient, right?

Skyrocket Your Visibility with our ASO Intelligence

Product Page Optimization
ASO Intelligence

With our ASO Intelligence, you can find the most popular keywords, see which ones are easier to rank in the top ten results and do your competitor analysis

Product Page Optimization
Keyword Explorer

For instance, above we have the keyword “wordle”. Its popularity score is 79 which indicates that is highly popular and searched by tons of users. It also has a chance score of 51.20%. This is to say that you have a 51.20% chance of ranking in the top ten results. 

Long story short, you will reach significantly more users and convert more users with the right tools. 

This is the MobileAction way. For every challenge and problem you might face in your user acquisition process, we have a solution. Sign up for free and begin your winning journey today!