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Talip Sencan
You can now reply to reviews straight from MobileAction platform and manage the entire rating/reviews process:  Track all your reviews from Google Play Store...
Talip Sencan
Keyword Optimization is a must to improve your organic rankings. But spending hours on it is a choice.  Let us show you a better...
Hazel Kucuk
We’re thrilled to announce that MobileAction’s Free Forever Plan is now available! MobileAction is now offered free for you all to: find out which...
Talip Sencan
In-App Events are now a significant part of the new App Store mobile user acquisition framework since they can impact your user engagement rates...
Talip Sencan
We just revamped the App Store Connect integration on our dashboard to deliver you an even better experience! How to Integrate Your App Store...
Talip Sencan
If you are involved in any kind of user acquisition effort, you already know that measuring the effectiveness of different acquisition channels can be...
Talip Sencan
Romans used to say “Spoken words fly away, written words remain”. However, they have failed to mention that visuals convince. But that’s okay for...
Talip Sencan
App Advertising is a tough business. App marketers use various distribution channels, spend tons of money, and hope to become visible to prospective customers....

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