Who is your right-hand man when it comes to conversions? The answer must be a well-optimized, effective product page, right? Moreover, creative sets are getting more and more important with the introduction of custom product pages in iOS 15.

If you customize your product pages, you can reach out to the right audience with the right material. As MobileAction, we launched the Creative Sets feature to help marketers find the best way to align their assets with their audience to maximize conversions. And today we are going to showcase what you can do with our Creative Sets feature with a use case on a real app. 

Moreover, our beloved reader, you will be the Product Marketing Manager of a finance app during this article. So, congratulations on your new responsibilities. Now, let us introduce you to your competitor’s product: Chime – Mobile Banking. 

As our Mobile App intelligence shows, Chime already has a strong presence in the App Store.  Let’s check out what kind of an app we are facing in more detail.

It is an online banking platform that allows you to go around the tedious aspects of conventional banking, such as monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance fees. Imagine that you have an app that is in the same category as Chime. So, your job is to make unignorable creative sets to engage users in your app.

Building a Strategy

As a PMM, you would want to know which keywords are popular, how tough the competition is, or what other apps are competing for these keywords, wouldn’t you?

Furthermore, you would want to analyze the market, test your creative sets, and experiment on which product feature caters to which audience. Well, you can do all of the above with our Search Ads Intelligence product. Before moving on to the creative sets, let’s briefly take a look at some of the important keywords of our competitor.

Let’s run it over with an example.

To find out insights about any keyword, all you need to do is to type them on the bar. Search by Keyword tab will instantly show you who runs ads on that keyword, their impression share, and their custom or default creative sets. 

We searched for the keyword “cash app” as it’s quite a popular keyword in the Finance category. It has a search popularity score of 84. Also, 13 apps are running ads for these keywords.

Also, you see that with a 36 chance score, it is a rather challenging keyword to rank in the top 10 results. Once you have this information, you can optimize your keywords and budget with ease since you will be acting on a data-driven strategy. 

Competitor Analysis

You already knew that Chime is your competitor. Now you see that it has a Search Ads Visibility score of 80. It is taking first place for “Cash App”, which is a keyword that you want a share in. It also appears that they are using 5 creative sets to align their product with different subsets of their audience

By utilizing our Creative Sets Feature, let’s analyze how you can use these features to connect with your audience and how to implement these tactics into our own strategy.

Your close nemesis is bidding on 6225 keywords in the US and also running 5 different creative sets. Let’s see which kinds of keywords they are focusing on.

Above, we see a filtered search for Chime’s keywords. Among 6k keywords, these are the ones with a popularity score of 50 or more where Chime is getting the impression share of 40% or more. 

What glitters in the search above is that almost all of the keywords have a capital B next to them. Meaning that Chime is aggressively bidding on the brand keywords whether it is their own or their competitors’. Plus, they are taking a good portion of impressions for all of these keywords above.

As a PMM, perhaps the next part is the most interesting. Let’s find out how we can cater our product in a more efficient way to the right people.

Utilizing The Creative Sets Feature

We all know that competitor analysis is a big part of mobile user acquisition strategies. If you know the moves of your competitors, you can plan ahead, react and compete better. Otherwise, you will just be calculating your own moves, which may lead you to get checkmated.

So, as a PMM or UA manager, it is clear that you should always be aware of your competitors’ strategies. You should be on the lookout for better and more effective methods for user acquisition. 

As you can see in the video above, with our Search Ads Intelligence, you can track every single keyword of your competitors and see which creative sets they are running for them. 

In the example above, you can see that Chime is running several creative sets for the keywords “card.com” and “greendot”.

When you run different creative sets for the same group of keywords, you will be able to test which creative sets attract users the most. In this way, you can increase your click-through and conversion rates dramatically. 

search ads intelligence
Creative Set for “card.com”

For instance, this is getting the biggest impression share for the keyword “card.com”. And the one below is getting the most for “budget app”. 

search ads intelligence
Creative Set for “Budget App”

This tells us that Chime is approaching its potential users in different ways for optimizing their Apple Search Ads campaigns. In other words, they don’t want to miss out on fruitful users by showing the same creative sets to everyone while they could have shown personalized creative sets based on keywords preferences. 

Do not forget that the insights you can gather from creative sets will not be limited to Apple Search Ads. When you discover effective combinations of your assets, you can use them in your other paid campaigns to enhance your app marketing strategy as a whole. With iOS 15 and custom product pages, this method will become even more effective.

search ads intelligence
Creative Sets Examples for Chime I

For instance here, we see two different creative sets for two different groups of keywords. Because users who typed “saving share” in the search tab and users who typed in “current bank” might not get convinced with the same visuals. 

search ads intelligence
Creative Set Example of Chime II

Similarly, a user who searched for “bank account” might convert into your user a lot easier with a creative set that highlights “Get more from your bank account”. 

That is why Chime is grouping keywords that reflect their different value propositions the best. And this is what you too should be doing to attract your potential users. Since the attention span is just a few seconds in mobile marketing, you should benefit from every single second of it. 


Our Creative Sets Feature allows:

  • PMs or PMMs to learn the best practices for creative sets optimization.
  • UA managers to analyze the market, get insights about competitors, and think of different creative ideas to compete better.
  • Your app to reach out to the right users with the right content.

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