If you love playing open-world role-playing games, you’ve probably heard Genshin Impact. What makes this game differentiated is that you can suddenly switch between characters while you’re in combat. So, you don’t need to start with a single character and use a limited amount of skill set for the whole journey – you can use other characters as well!

Apart from its unique gameplay, Genshin Impact has also achieved success in the App Store app rankings – it’s been standing in the top 10 mobile games after it’s launched. As you can see in the grossing charts, they are ranking 1st in both role-playing and adventure categories. It’s not easy to position at the top in this high competition. 

category rankings genshin impact
Category Rankings for Genshin Impact

Also, it seems that Genshin Impact increased its rankings with its latest update on March 16. App Update Timeline is a great feature that can reveal what they have changed in their app icons, metadata, screenshots, similar apps, etc. 

By using MobileAction’s comprehensive app marketing tools, let’s prepare an app competitor analysis and reveal Genshin Impact’s ad campaign strategy.

Organic Ranking

Ratings & Reviews

Receiving positive reviews and ratings is extremely important for increasing organic rankings. In-app ratings and reviews of Genshin Impact also had a positive impact on their rankings. As you can see, 1233 reviews are five-starred in a total of 1838. The most used keywords in reviews are “fun, great, love, like”. 

genshin impact reviews
Review Analysis

Organic Keywords

Let’s check which keywords are bringing Genshin Impact downloads. Firstly, Genshin Impact is receiving the majority of organic downloads from its brand keyword with 59.29%. It can be claimed that most of their users are already aware of what they are searching for. Rest of their downloads are coming from “fun games, honkai impact, cool games, anime games, rpg”. The app is already ranking for these keywords in a range between 1-5. Looks like Genshin Impact optimized it’s app pretty well in the competition.  

aso intelligence genshin
Keyword Intelligence

Paid Channels

Now, it’s time to look at Genshin Impact’s advertisement strategy to understand what kind of paid channels it is utilizing by checking mobile ad intelligence tools.

Creative Analysis

Campaign Analysis

As you can see above, Ad Intelligence revealed Genshin Impact’s campaign structure. It has spread its creatives to 12 ad networks. It runs most of its creatives on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Its creatives are appearing in over 3 thousand applications which is an average amount. 

In March, Genshin Impact released 1568 creatives and 604 are still active. It is likely that they are still A/B testing to optimize their creative strategy. They use 4 languages in their ad creatives which are English, Korean, Japanese, and Indonesian. Even though their ads are estimated to be mostly viewed in the United States, Korea, Mexico, and Indonesia, the percentages are almost similar in the rest of the countries.    

genshin impact paid growth
Creative Distribution

Unlike other game publishers, Genshin Impact doesn’t run any playable creatives – almost half of their ads are images. While they are including the gameplay and the atmosphere in 25% of their videos as well, they also try to explain what players will be able to do while playing Genshin Impact by using image creatives.

Apple Search Ads Analysis

With the help of Search Ads Intelligence, we are able to uncover Genshin Impact’s paid keywords. As you can see below, it is running Apple Search Ads campaigns in 30 different countries. It is clear that Genshin Impact is appearing more on their paid keywords than its competitors – even on keywords that have really high popularity scores.

Also, it seems like they are appearing frequently on App Store and Apple Search Ads since the visibility score of each metric is pretty high. It should be noted that App Store Optimization and Apple Search Ads are highly correlated with each other. Both aspects are important to successfully to advertise your app.

SearchAds Intelligence

If you are also looking at how to promote your app, you can analyze the successful strategies of your competitors and shape yours accordingly by using mobile app intelligence tools. Feel free to schedule a demo today to learn more about your competitors.